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    A Tale of Two Cities Ch. 7&8

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    A Tale of Two Cities Ch. 7&8

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    Answer the following questions:

    1- Dickens used Lucie as the golden thread in A Tale of Two Cities. Discuss.
    Lucie links all characters in this story. She is also the angel in the life of most of the characters. Also she has golden hair. Her father identified her when he saw her hair and the two pieces of hair round his neck.
    2- How often did Carton visit the newly married couple? (p.75)
    3- Do you think that Lucie had a happy life with Darnay?
    4- How old was little Lucie when the revolution started? (p.75)
    5- When did the French revolution start? (p.75)
    6- Describe the scene in Defarge's wine shop before the storming of the Bastille.
    7- What did Mme Defarge carry in the fight?
    8- What was the end of the fight at the Bastille? The authorities surrendered. (p.78)
    9- Why did the revolutionaries headed for the Bastille?
    Because it symbolizes injustice and oppression. Also to set the imprisoned patriots free to increase the number of the Jacques. They wanted to destroy the instruments of torture. Defarge wanted to see the secret cell.
    10- Why do you think Defarge searched Dr. Manette's old cell? + Describe cell 105. (p.79)
    11- What did defarge discover in the Bastille? (p.79)
    12- Whose initials did Defarge and Jacques Three find in the cell?
    13- Who showed Defarge cell 105? Why? (p.78)
    14- Why did the French customers send all their money to Tellson's in England?
    15- Who was the leader of Saint Antoine?
    16- What is the significance of Madame Defarge's knitting?
    17- About (250-2500-25000-250000) patriots took part in burning the chateau.
    18- Why did the patriots burn the chateau?(p.82)
    Because it was the symbol of injustice and oppression.
    19- Why did Lorry want to travel to France? (p.83)
    20- What was Gabelle accused of? (p.85)
    21- Why was Lorry the best man for travelling? (p.83)
    22- Why wasn't Lorry afraid to travel to France despite its being a disorganised city?
    23- Why did lorry decide to take Jerry with him?
    24- Who wrote to Darnay? What did he say? (p.85)
    25- How did Darnay receive Gabelle's letter? (p.84)
    26- Why do you think Darnay traveled to France secretly?
    To spare Lucie the pain of separation and not to spoil her happiness and not to be pressed upon by hr father.
    27- What did Darnay say in the two letters he wrote before leaving England? (p.86)
    28- Why didn't Darnay tell his wife and her father the truth before leaving?
    29- If you had been Darnay, what would you have done after reading Gabelle's letter?

    Comment on the following quotations:

    a. "Keep near to me, Jacques Three, and you, Jacques One and Two,.. Where's my wife?"
    b. "Patriots, friends, we are ready! To the Bastille!"
    c. 'What is the meaning of "one hundred and five, north tower"?'(p.79)
    d. "My fault has been that I have been true to you." (p.85)
    e. "Nobody will be interested in an old fellow of nearly 80 years."

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    Mr. Mag

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    رد: A Tale of Two Cities Ch. 7&8

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    َQuestions on Chapter 8:[/
    size][size=18]Answer the following questions:

    1- Describe Darnay's journey to France. (p.88)
    2- What helped Darnay go through gates?
    3- Which prison was Gabelle in? (p.85)
    4- Which prison did Darnay go to? (p.90)
    5- Who awakened Darnay in France?
    6- How old was Darnay when he went to France? (p.89)
    7- How did Darnay defend himself before the officer at the Barrier?
    He said that he came to France freely, in response to Gabelle's letter to help a fellow countryman.
    8- Who guarded Darnay to his prison? (p.88)
    9- Who had been 'buried and pre-judged' in prison before Darnay? Dr. Manette

    Comment on the following quotations:

    a. "As an aristocrat, you are required to have an escort…" (p.88)
    b. "Your age, Evremonde?" (p.89)
    c. "When was the new law passed?" (p.89)
    d. "In the name of La Guillotine, why did you come back to France?" (p.90)

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