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    uses of "the"

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    uses of "the"

    مُساهمة  Mr. Mag في السبت مايو 08, 2010 7:37 am

    Use "the: before:

    1. Only one thing: the sun, the earth, the moon.
    2. General idea: the town, the countryside, the sea
    3. A kind of animal (singular=general): The lion is dangerous. (all lions)
    4. Invention or discovery: the telephone, the computer,
    5. Some places: the cinema, the theatre, the radio, the internet
    6. Mountains and rivers, oceans, seas, plural lakes: the Andes, the Nile, the Red Sea, the Atlantic Ocean, the Great Lakes
    7. Countries: (more than 1 word): the KSA, the United States (except: Great Britain)
    8. Comparative sentences: the harder you study, the more marks you get.
    9. Deserts, islands: The Sahara, The Bahamas.
    10. Holy books and newspapers: the Times, the Bible, the Koran.
    11. Musical instruments after verbs like: (listen to, teach, learn, play) - the piano, the guitar.
    12. Superlatives: the oldest, the most beautiful.
    13. Noun mentioned before: -He gave me a lighter and some cigarettes but the lighter didn't work.
    14. Adjectives to make plural of a group of people: the poor, the strong, the old, the dead, the living.
    15. Ordinal numbers before nouns: The first, the second, the third. - He was the last one to arrive.
    16. Decades: the 1990s.
    17. Time: in the morning, the evening.
    18. Places: the bank, the army, the airport, the baker's, …
    19. The Hilton hotel, the Metro Cinema.
    20. Wars (except world wars)
    21. Historical documents: the constitution.
    22. Ethnic: the Indians.

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    Mr. Mag

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    no "the"

    مُساهمة  Mr. Mag في السبت مايو 08, 2010 7:38 am

    Don't use "the" before:

    1. Singular lakes: Lake Naser, Lake Victoria.
    2. Planets: Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Pluto.
    3. (Plural=general): -Women have the same rights as men./Oranges are good for children.( The apples on this tree are not ripe.=not general idea!)
    4. Uncountable nouns: milk, wine, gold, wood, smoking, football, beauty, freedom, science, English, Arabic, breakfast, supper.
    5. Places: - Pupils go to school to learn. / He went to the school to meet the headmaster.
    6. Mounts: Mount Everest, St. Catherine Mountain.
    7. One-word countries: France, England, Egypt.(Or New or Adj. before countries): New Zealand, South Africa, North Korea.
    8. Continents: Europe, Africa, South America.
    9. States: Florida, California, Texas.
    10. Work: - They leave work at two o'clock.
    11. Home (after go, return, come): - He went home.
    12. Proper nuns: King John, President Mubarak, Professor Hazem.
    13. Holidays and seasons: Christmas, Bairam, Easter; summer, spring.
    14. Abstract nouns: freedom, love, happiness.
    15. School subjects: Mathematics, Biology.
    16. Sports: volleyball, football.
    17. Cardinal numbers after nouns: World War One, chapter three
    Single years: 1977.

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