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    I) Capital letter:[/size]

    1- The first letter in the sentence. اول حرف فى الجملة
    2- Names of people اسماء الناس
    3- Names of countries, cities, streets, hospitals, schools:
    Egypt Alex. street Mustafa Kamel Street
    4- Days of the week and months. الايام والشهور
    5- Languages and nationalities. اللغات والجنسيات
    6- The pronoun "I". انا

    II) Full stop:

    1- The end of sentences. فى نهاية الجمل الخبرية
    2- Abbreviations: Mr. Mrs. Dr. U.S.A. A.R.E. U.A.E.

    III) Question Mark: (?)[/color][/size]•
    The end of questions. فى نهاية السؤال

    IV) Apostrophe: (')[size=18]


    color=red]V) CommaSad,)

    Yes, ……………,please.
    No, …………….,Ahmed.
    I bought a pen, a pencil, a ruler, a rubber and a bag.
    Hazem said, "I like tennis."[/

    Inverted commas:(" ")

    Hany said,"My sister likes English, Ramy."
    "I think," said Ramy,"that they'll come soon."
    "I think so," said Mona. "They are at home."

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    Mr. Mag

    Posts : 503
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    Answer: Punctuate:

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    * Punctuate the following sentences:

    1- egypt syria jordan k s a u a e and the sudan are all arab countries
    2- yes I think so
    3- no it isn t
    4- what s your uncle s name
    5- noha studied english last friday said rania
    6- mr magdy didn t travel to cairo last august
    7- how was heba doing her homework
    8- why doesn t ramy study hard

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