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    poetry 4 prep 3

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    poetry 4 prep 3

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    Tears, Idle Tears
    Alfred Tennyson 1809 - 1892

    Alfred Tennyson is one of the best poets in the 19th century in England. At the age of eight, he began writing poetry. At the age of fifteen, Alfred and Charles his brother, published their first book. In 1836, he fell in love with Emily Selwood but due to financial problems, marriage was postponed till 1850. In 1850 Alfred was appointed Poet Laureate. He was offered the title of Lord twice, but he refused it and in 1883 accepted the title and reserved a seat in the House of Lords. Alfred died at home in 1892.

    General Paraphrase:

    Autumn is the harvest season. Instead of being happy we can see tears in the eyes which are useless tears. These tears made us remember the past which is still fresh in the minds exactly as the first ray of sun shining on the sail of the ship which brings back our friends from the world of dead whereas the last ray of the sun reflects the sail of a ship which sinks to the bottom of the sea. The past is fresh and sad in the same time.
    How can people be happy while birds singing to people who are dying. The old memories are precious to people as those kisses reminds the nice feelings to those dead people.
    In general, the past is the bitterness of death.


    It is a song. Alfred aimed at saying that all things pass away.
    In the first stanza, the poet uses the contrast to express the past and its sadness while looking at the happy fields with its great crops.
    The last two lines gives the main aim of the poet that death is the natural end for all creatures and living things.


    Divine: sacred, heavenly
    Despair: lost hope
    Beam: ray
    Underworld: the world where the dead are
    The verge: horizon, edge
    Pipe: singing birds
    Casement: showcase, window
    Glimmering: shiny
    Feigned: not true, pretence

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