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    analysis of :Great, Wide, Beautiful, Wonderful, World

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    analysis of :Great, Wide, Beautiful, Wonderful, World

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    Great, Wide, Beautiful, Wonderful, World
    William Brigty Rands 1823 – 1882

    W. B. Rands wrote poems under false names like (Henry Holbeach). He was very poor. Then he became a reporter in England. Finally, he wrote successful poems and fairy tales for children.


    Great: large, big
    Wide: big
    Curried: wrapped
    Breast: heart
    Tremble: shake
    Dot: very small point


    The poet is amazed by the beauty of the world. He says that the world is wonderful with beautiful seas and oceans. He sees the world's surface as a person's breast. He says in the first verse that the world is beautifully dressed.
    He thinks of the world as it is big and great which makes him shake. He realizes how small and unimportant man is in comparison. But he also believes that man is much more important than the world, because man can think and love, and the world can't. Man is the most important thing in the world.

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