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    Alexander Dumas

    King Louis XIII had two twin sons . One son was kept a prisoner in the Bastille . Aramis tried to help him to get out of his prison . He worked very hard and he freed him. He taught him about the life and the people of the court. Then one day he replaced king Louis X IV with Philippe, but his plan was discovered when he told Fouquet . Fouquet freed the real king from the Bastille and cought Philippe . They took Philippe to prison again , but this time to a fort in an island . They put an Iron mask on his head . Aramis and Parthos ran away to Belle Isle , but the king sent his captain D`Artagnan after them . He didn`t want to kill or capture his friends , so he resigned from his job and another captain took the lead . The kings` soldiers fought with Aramis , Parthos and the people of Belle Isle .Many people were killed . Parthos was killed while he was trying to close a cave to stop the kings' soldiers from following them and Aramis ran to Spain . D`Artagnan was taken to the king . He asked the king to forgive his friends and he did . Raoul who is Athos's son decided to go to Africa to join the soldiers there because he wanted to forget his love Madmosille de la Vallerie who was taken by the king . When Raoul died, his father became very sad and died too .


    *Louis XIII : king of France .He had two twin sons , Philippe and Louis XIV.
    *Queen Ann : queen of France .
    *Louis XIV : became the king of France.
    *Philippe : king Louis twin brother .He was called Marchialli when he was in the Bastille for 8 years .He was also called The Man In The Iron Mask when he was a prisoner in the island of Sainte Margurite .He became a king for one day only with the help of Aramis and his friends.
    *The three musketeers ( Kings special soldiers ) : Aramis , D'Artagnan and Parthos
    *Aramis : priest /bishop/ religious man .He knew the secret of Philippe , so he helped him to get out of the Bastille , taught him everything about his family and made him a king .Unfortunately,his plan failed, so he escaped with his friend Parthos to Belle Isle There , they fought with the kings' soldiers and then he ran to Spain.
    *D'Artagnan : captain of the king's musketeers and a close friend to the king .He refused to fight his friends Aramis and Parthos at Belle Isle .When he met the king , he asked the king to forgive his friends .
    *Parthos : He helped Aramis to free Phillipe , but he didn't know anything about his plan .He died in the fighting at Belle Isle .Big rocks fell on him while he was trying to close the cave to stop the king's soldiers from following them .
    *Athos : He was one of the musketeers .he helped to escape to Belle Isle by giving them strong horses .he died in his bed when he heard the news about his son Raoul 's death .
    *Raoul : Athos' only son .He loved Mademosille da la Vallerie .He went on a war in Africa trying to forget his love .He was wounded and died there .
    * Mademosille de la Vallerie : She was Raoul's fiance' , but king Louis XIV loved her and took her for himself.
    *Monsieur Fouquet: king's Prime Minister .He didn't like Monsieur Colbert .He was very rich .He built the Palace Of Vaux.
    * Monsieur Colbert: one of the king's ministers .He didn't like Monsieur Fouquet. He planned to be the Prime Minister after getting rid of Monsieur Fouquet.
    * Monsieur Percerin : king's tailor .He made the king's clothes.
    *le Brun : artist who drew portrait ( picture ) of the king .
    *Grimaud : Athos servant .

    PLACES :

    *Bastille : The prison where Philippe was kept for 8 years .
    *The Palace Of Vaux : a very comfortable place built by Monsieur Fouquet .
    *Belle Isle : The place where Aramis , Parthos , and the fortrees fought against the king's soldiers .
    *Island of Sainte Marguerite : the place where Philippe was kept as a prisoner for the second time .
    *Africa : Raoul joined the soldiers of the Duke of Beaufort and he died there .

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