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    Martyred Samira Moussa

    Samira Moosa (March 3, 1917 - August 5, 1952) was born in the village of Great Senbo - Center Zvty West province, the first Egyptian-Arab atom scientist dubbed the name of Mays al-Korean Middle .. It is the first demonstrator in the University College of Science, Fouad I University in Cairo.
    Samira learned in childhood reading, writing, and kept parts of the Koran and was fascinated to read newspapers and had enjoyed a strong memory qualify for the Conservation of thing once read. And her father moved with his daughter to Cairo for the education of some of his money and bought a hotel Balhasin to invest in Cairo life. I went to school, Samira "Palace of Desire" primary and then the "school girls supervision" secondary private and by the establishment and management "traditions of the Prophet Moses," women's political activist known.
    Academic excellence
    Samira won first prizes in all stages of education, was the first certification guidelines in 1935, did not win the girls in this familiar place at the time where it was not allowed to enter the examination guidelines of the houses only to change this decision in 1925 the establishment of Princess Fayza school, First secondary school for girls in Egypt.
    The superiority of the continued significant impact on the school where the government provides financial aid to the school, which come out first, prompted Principal traditions of the Prophet Musa to purchase a particular day when I heard that Samira plans to move to public school is available by the laboratory.
    The Nbogha it on the reformulation of the book reparation government in the first year of secondary, and printed at the expense of her father, and distributed free of charge to colleagues in 1933
    School life
    Samira Moussa chose the Faculty of Science, although the total was enabled to enter the College of Engineering .. When security was a girl at that time attend the College of Arts and is brought to the attention of Dr. Ali Ostazha honorable, the first Egyptian to the College of Science Association. Have been affected by the directly affected not only the scientific but also on social aspects of his personality.
    Samira Moussa received a bachelor of science were first paid, and appointed the first Lecturer, Faculty of Science, thanks to the efforts of d. Honorable Ali, who defended strongly and the appointment of professors to ignore the protests of foreign (English).
    Received a master's degree in the subject of communication warming gases traveled on a mission to Britain examined by nuclear radiation, and got a doctorate in X-rays and their impact on different materials. Equalization important findings and the letter was completed in two years and spent the third year in research related arrived from which to offset significant (not been accepted by the Western world then) managed to fragmentation of cheap metals such as copper industry and thus the atomic bomb materials may be accessible to everyone, but Did not record books Arab scientific research findings d. Samira Moussa.
    Political concerns
    She had hoped to have Egypt and the Arab world the midst of this great scientific progress, as it believed that the increased ownership of nuclear weapons contributes to the achievement of peace, the idea of a state of peace must speak from a position of strength have lived the horrors of war and the experience of the atomic bomb flattened Hiroshima And Nagasaki in 1945 and drew the attention of early attention from Israel possessing weapons of mass destruction and its pursuit of nuclear weapons alone in the region.
    The establishment of the Atomic Energy Authority, just three months after the Declaration of the Israeli state in 1948, and has missions and specialize in science maize were repeated calls to the importance of nuclear arms, and keep pace with this growing tide of scientific and organized the Atoms for Peace hosted by the Faculty of Science, in which a number Chief of the world's scientists have achieved in the context of its examination to the equation were not accepted in the Western world, and - God rest her soul - hopes to harness the atom for the benefit of rights and pervades the area of medical treatment, where they say: «that my cancer treatment such as aspirin corn». It also was a member of many scientific committees specialized head, "the Committee on Energy and the prevention of the atomic bomb set up by the Egyptian Ministry of Health.
    Dr. responded to an invitation to travel to America in 1951, had the opportunity to conduct research in the laboratories of the University of St. Louis, Missouri, United States, received offers to stay in America but has refused to return a few days ago responded to the invitation to visit nuclear plants in the suburbs of California on August 15, and on the way California high rugged trucks suddenly appeared; hit her strongly and receiving in a deep valley, the driver jumped and disappeared forever.
    Doubt that the beginning of her life
    Investigations indicated that the driver was carrying a false name and that the management of the reactor had not been one to take her to her father says in her letters: «if the laboratory in Egypt, such as factories here, I could do many needs». We have commented Mohammed al-Egypt cultural adviser in Washington and then that the word (the needs of many) that was meant in their ability to break the invention of a cheap metal atoms through the thermal conductivity of gases and thus make an atomic bomb affordable.
    In the latest letter says it was: «We have been able to visit nuclear plants in America and when I will return to Egypt to my great services in this field and I will be able to serve the cause of peace», which was intended to establish a special factory in the province of Giza pyramid
    Newspapers are still dealing with her story and the file is not closed, and the indications are - according to observers - that the Mossad, Israeli intelligence is Agtaltha, a penalty for attempting to transfer nuclear knowledge to Egypt and the Arab world in the early period

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