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    All adverbs

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    All adverbs

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    Adjectives (describe nouns): They come before nouns or after v. to be.
    Adverbs (mostly describe verbs): They come after verbs.

    Adjectives Adverbs
    slow slowly
    polite politely
    bad badly
    quiet quietly
    easy easily
    happy happily
    angry angrily
    beautiful beautifully
    careful carefully
    usual usually
    possible possibly
    horrible horribly
    good well
    fast fast
    hard hard
    early early
    late late
    enough enough
    little in little
    friendly in a friendly way
    brotherly in a brotherly way

    • Nader is……………... (bad-badly)
    • He plays……………..(bad-badly)
    • I saw a ………………….boy yesterday. (bad-badly)
    • She got up…………, but she arrived at school………… (early-late)
    • Mr Magdy is a ……..….... person. He teaches us …………..… (in a friendly way-friendly)

    1- Adverbs of manner: (How…?) (They come after the verb or the object.)
    • It rained heavily.
    • He watched the statue curiously.
    • He shouted angrily.

    2- Adverbs of place: (Where…?)
    • He travelled abroad.
    • He lives upstairs.
    • She is waiting outside.

    3- Adverbs of time: (When…?)
    • He'll travel to Cairo tomorrow.
    • I saw her yesterday.
    • Nancy is reading now.

    4- Adverbs of frequency: (How often…?)
    • He always comes on time.
    • She rarely visits us.
    • Hany never washes his hands.

    5- Adverbs of degree: (To what extent…?) (They modify adjectives, adverbs &verbs)
    (Ex.: quite – rather – fairly – very – extremely)
    • Ahmed is fairly good. (30%)
    • Ayman is quite polite. (50%)
    • Ashraf is rather old. (70%)
    • Marina is very rich. (90%)
    • My uncle is extremely rich. (100%)


    # Re-write the following sentences using the word(s) between brackets to give the same meaning:

    1- The cheetah is quick. (runs)
    2- This building is very high. (extremely)
    3- Nada is always late. (comes)
    4- His advice to me was brotherly. (advised)
    5- Ahmed is fluent in English. (speaks)
    6- Violence on TV has a bad effect on children. (affects)
    7- Samer swims well. (good)
    8- Smoking affects lungs badly. (bad)
    9- Mona Zaki is a beautiful actress. (beautifully)
    10- My money is enough to buy that expensive mobile. (have)
    11- Tamer Hosny is a very good singer. (well)
    12- Mahmoud El Gohary trained players efficiently. (efficient)
    13- Monica is careful. (behaves)
    14- I drive carefully. (driver)
    15- Abu Treika was bad when he played the match. (badly)
    16- It is probable he will be the director. (probably)
    17- The child was happy when he played with his toys. (happily)
    18- They are polite. (politely)

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