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    If conditional

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    If conditional

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    0- If Present simple Present simple (حقيقة علمية )

    1- If Present simple future (احتمال فى المستقبل )

    2- If Past simple would+inf.(غير محتمل فى المضارع او المستقبل)

    - If I were you, I would+inf. (نصيحة )

    3- If Past perfect would have +p.p. (استحالة فى الماضى )

    Use If:

    • He doesn't get high marks. He doesn't study hard.
    +If he studied hard, he'd get high marks.
    • They didn't win. They played badly.
    +If they hadn't played badly, they'd have won.
    +If they had played well, they'd have won.
    • You shouldn't play in the street.
    +If I were you, I wouldn't play in the street.
    • He didn't eat. He was ill.
    +If he had eaten, he wouldn't have been ill.
    • Hany studies hard. He gets high marks.
    +If Hany studies hard, he'll get high marks.

    Use If:

    1- Dalia doesn't have a car. She doesn't come early.
    2- You shouldn't eat sweets.
    3- Maha came late. She got up late.
    4- Mona eats a lot of macaroni. She becomes fatter.
    5- She trains hard. She wins.
    6- Dina failed in her exams. She didn't study.

    Rewrite the following sentences:

    1- Heba trained hard. She didn't win. (Join)
    2- …………..she use to eat sweets? (Complete)
    3- Sarah has lost her book. She is looking (at-for-after-up) it. (Choose)
    4- First she washed the dishes. Then she ate. (After/Before/by the time)
    5- He came. I was sleeping. (when/While)
    6- I (not see) him……a long time. (correct/complete)
    7- She walked (fast), but her sister walked (slow). (correct)
    8- She was late. She missed the bus. (If/Unless)
    9- She didn't come. She had an accident. (because)
    10- He has no sisters. (not)
    11- He went home late. He played football after school.(As soon as/by the time)
    12- She was ill, so she didn't attend the party. (because)
    13- It was cold. However, he didn't wear heavy clothes.(Although/although/but)
    14- She is going to find the keys soon. (be)
    15- I have been playing football for nine years. (How long)
    16- Mother is preparing our lunch now. (Passive)
    17- My car was repaired yesterday. (A mechanic…)
    18- Rice has been eaten. (Someone….)
    19- My shoes were being polished when the telephone rang. (My sister…)

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