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    Relative clauses

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    Relative clauses

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    who refers to people (subject&object)

    which refers to things (subject&object)

    that instead of who & which (subject&object)

    whom refers to people (object)

    whose refers to possession

    when refers to time

    where refers to a place

    We can leave out the relative pronoun when it is an object.


    1- I saw Marina. She lives next door.
    *I saw Marina who lives next door.
    *I saw Marina that lives next door.

    2- Fady is a polite boy. He is excellent at English.
    *Fady who is excellent at English is a polite boy.
    *Fady that is excellent at English is a polite boy.

    3- I saw Dina. You told me about her.
    *I saw Dina who you told me about.
    *I saw Dina that you told me about.
    *I saw Dina whom you told me about.
    *I saw Dina about whom you told me.
    *I saw Dina you told me about.

    4- This is the restaurant. We normally go to that restaurant.
    *This is the restaurant where we normally go.
    *This is the restaurant which we normally go to.
    *This is the restaurant to which we normally go.
    *This is the restaurant we normally go to.

    Exercises: Join, using a suitable relative pronoun:

    1- A bomb caused a lot of damage. It went off this morning.
    2- Hany is the man. His passport was lost.
    3- A footballer has been banned from playing again. He took drugs.
    4- I know the girl. She has green eyes.
    5- You're one of the people. They are never satisfied.
    6- I threw away the old pen. It didn't work.
    7- Have you got the phone number of the man? He repaired your fridge.
    8- Are these the cakes? Nada baked them.
    9- The TV program is repeated this evening. We missed it.
    10- I know the woman. You were talking to her.
    11- My uncle has a nice house. There is a big garden in it.
    12- I like August. We go to Matrouh in August.
    13- I can't remember the name of the hotel. We stayed at it.
    14- Mary was looking after a dog. Its leg was broken.
    15- This is the tent. I slept in that tent.

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