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    حروف اسمك تكشف شخصيتك

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    حروف اسمك تكشف شخصيتك

    مُساهمة  Mr. Mag في الخميس فبراير 10, 2011 10:12 am

    حروف اسمك تكشف شخصيتك,,

    كل حرف من اسمك يدل على صفه من صفاتك الشخصيه,,

    A * You love to make people laugh

    B * You have trouble trusting people

    C * You are crazy in a good way

    D * You are always fun when it comes to meeting new people

    E * You are popular with all types of people

    F * People totally adore you

    G * You are very friendly and understanding

    H * You have a very good personality and looks

    I * Love is something you deeply believe in

    J * Everyone loves you

    K * You like to try new things

    L * You always make other people smile when you smile

    M * Success comes easily to you

    N * You are wise

    O * You love for play

    P * You are very nervous

    Q * You are a hypocrite

    R * You love nature

    S * People think you are a liar

    T * You are one of the best in making mistakes

    U * You are really funny

    V * You are not judgemental

    W * You are very broad minded

    X *You never let people tell you what to do

    Y * You always make every experience Great

    Z *You live your life as a child

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