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    all workbook questions

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    Work book
    Review A
    1 - Millions of people watched the rocket on TV.
    a) start b) launch c) set off d) beginning
    2- The medicine I'm taking is wonderful. It has no side
    a) results b) damage c) effects d) problems
    3- My brother and I are not twins, but we are very
    a) alike b) same c) like d) correct
    4- Coal and oil are two kinds of fossil
    a) petrol b) gas c) energy d) fuels
    5- Electricity is produced in a station.
    a) bus b) railway c) power d) energy
    6- I expect you at the weekend.
    a) I'm going to see b) I'll see c) I'm seeing d) I see
    7- The film at 7.30 this evening.
    a) starts b) will start c) is starting d) is going to start
    8- How times have you seen that film?
    a) many b) much c) lots d) different
    9- The distance from here to Cairo two kilometres.
    a) are b) has been c) is d) is being
    10- In some places, wood to heat people's homes.
    a) are burnt b) burns c) burnt d) is burnt
    Review B
    11- When I was at school I won a poetry writing
    a) race b) article c) competition d) game
    12- She sent me the report as an e-mail
    a) attachment b) letter c) picture d) article
    13- The little girl does not want to sing because she is
    a) innocent b) secret c) spy d) shy
    14- My favourite musical is the piano.
    a) player b) instrument c) tool d) equipment
    15-1 collect postcards which I keep in a .box.
    a) paper b) card c) cardboard d) wood
    16- We arrived half an hour late. The film half an hour earlier.
    a) began b) was beginning c) had begun d) has begun
    17- Agatha Christies' books into more than 40 languages.
    a) have been translated b) have translated
    c) translated d) were being translated
    18- The Romans Petra nearly two thousand years ago.
    a) have captured b) were captured c) captured d) had captured
    19- Your train leaves in ten minutes. If you hurry, you it.
    a) catch b) will catch c) would catch d) are catching
    20- If I am thirsty, water.
    a) I will drink b) I would drink c) I am drinking d) I drink
    Review C
    21- Too much Sun can be
    a) respectable b) harmful c) unthinkable d) in conflict
    22- We on their door three times, but they did not hear us.
    a) visited b) called c) hit d) knocked
    23- Nurses are part of the medical
    a) profession b) work c) job d) career
    24-1 get on well with all my at work, but they are not close friends.
    a) people b) workers c) colleagues d) relative
    25- The accident at eight o'clock when everyone was on their way to
    a) occurred b) took c) came d) caused
    26- They left two hours ago, so they arrived by now. It is not far.
    a) must b) must have c) have d) can't have
    27- No one is sure where Ali is, but we think he .gone to see his uncle.
    a) must b) can't have c) might have d) must have
    28- She asked me whether there before.
    a) I had been b) I went c) I go d) had I been
    29- If for too long, I get a headache.
    a) I'll read b) I read c) I had read d) I would read
    30- If you had come ten minutes later, I
    a) would leave b) will have c) leave d) would have left
    Review D
    31-I'm sorry, I didn't you. You look completely different.
    a) see b) recognise c) realise d) remember
    32- Most secondary school teachers in one or two subjects.
    a) specialise b) work c) achieve d) concentrate
    33- Experiments are used to test scientific
    a) thoughts b) processes c) models d) theories
    34- We're my brother's birthday next weekend.
    a) enjoying b) remembering c) celebrating d) developing
    35- My favourite when I play football is goalkeeper.
    a) place b) point c) location d) position
    36-1 wish I what I was doing at the weekend.
    a) know b) have known c) knew d) was knowing
    37- My sister wishes she harder when she was at school.
    a) had worked b) worked c) works d) has worked
    38- The children were covered in sand when they got home. They on
    the beach.
    a) were playing b) have been playing c) played d) had been playing
    39- By the time we arrived home, we over 500 kilometres.
    a) travelled b) had travelled c) have travelled d) are travelling
    40-1 expect my driving test when I take it next year.
    a) pass b) to pass c) passing d) to passing
    Review E
    41- My parents have always me to keep fit by playing sports.
    a) warned agreed c) encouraged d) argued
    42- When you pass your test, you'll get a driving
    a) permission licence c) paper d) certificate
    43- He does not want to live a life. He would prefer excitement and adventure.
    a) conventional b) daily c) interesting d) traditional
    44- Their television is very dirty.
    a) window b) glass c) gadget d) scree
    a) Paper b) Paperback c) Cardboard d) Hard
    46- Florence Nightingale was born in Italy, went to school in England.
    a) which b» where c) that d) who
    47- My uncle went to a school in London, he learned to speak English well.
    a) which b» where c) who d) that
    45- books used to be very cheap.
    48-1 went to the bank this morning I needed to take out some money.
    a) so b» although c) because d) and
    49- I've felt really tired today, I went to bed early last night.
    a) because c) despite d) although
    50-1 hope that by the end of next week, our roof will have been
    a) repair b) repairing c) repaired d) repairs
    53- The girl tried to me to lend her my phone, but I refused.
    a) treat b) enroll c) provide d) persuade
    54- One of the supermarkets in our town has 25
    a) employers b) employees c) applicants d) merchants
    55- The school every student with books, so you don't have to buy
    any yourself.
    a) gives b) trains c) provides d) lends
    56- Aisha's parents asked her she had finished her homework.
    a) weather b) where c) if d) to
    57- My friend's parents have invited me on holiday with them next year.
    a) for b) go c) going d) to go
    58- Ali's doctor advised to stay at home if he was feeling ill.
    a) he b) him c) it d) his
    59- If isn't too hot tomorrow, I go swimming.
    a) should b) must c) can't d) might
    60- They be at school by eight o'clock every day.
    a) have to b) should c) might d) can

    Practice Test 1
    61- This medicine is safe. There are no
    a) top effects b) side effects c) leaks d) waste
    62- I'm going to have lunch with friends tomorrow. We are at the
    restaurant at 12.30.
    a) going to meet b) would meet c) will meet d) meet
    63- The between Cairo and my town is 650 kilometres.
    a) district b) area c) distance d) space
    64- It is hard to walk in space because there is no
    a) gravity b) waiting c) spin d) air
    65- In Britain, children secondary school from the age of 11.
    a) go b) intend c) share d) attend
    66- Most furniture from wood.
    a) made b) is made c) make d) makes
    67- Many people vegetables in their gardens.
    a) growing b) are grown c) grow d) is grown
    68- In very hot weather, ice cream turns to
    a) water b) soft c) liquid d) solid
    69- We call oil and coal fuels.
    a) fossil b) old c) renewable d) waste
    70- She an archaeologist when she leaves university. That is her plan.
    a) will become b) am becoming c) is going to become d) become
    71- He is flying to London at the weekend. His flight. at 5.30 in the morning.
    a) leaving b) leaves c) left d) leave
    72- We don't have time. We'll have to hurry.
    a) many b) some c) a lot d) much
    73- My friend and I look very different, but our personalities are
    a) alike b) same c) common d) like
    74- Six months half a year.
    a) are b) is c) be d) am
    75- The walls of the were built to protect the town.
    a) pyramid b) mission c) castle d) house
    76-1 am writing that my teacher asked for.
    a) essay b) a essay c) the essay d) that essay

    Practice Test 2
    77-1 expect I you at the weekend.
    a) am going to see b) am seeing c) '11 see d) see
    78- After the accident, the doctor her to check she was not injured.
    a) examined b) looked at c) tested d) studied
    79- Do you have free time this afternoon?
    a) a b) the c) many d) any
    80- We went to the opening of a new school last week. It was a very interesting
    a) occasion b) time c) view d) situation
    81-Petrol.... .....from oil.
    a) made b) is made c) makes d) are made
    82-Wind and wave power are types of…………………………. energy.
    a) New b) waste c) renewable d) cheap
    83-When I younger, I……………………..go swimming every day.
    a) Usually b) used c) use d) used to
    84-My sister ……… university for three years. She comes home every weekend.
    a) is b) has been c) is being d) had been
    85-The police think he did it, He is the main
    a) suspect b) pioneer c) publisher d) agent
    86-1 really enjoy reading Agatha Christie novels. I particularly like her
    a) way c) system d) design
    87- It that air travel will become more popular in the future.
    a) is thought b,» was thought c) thought d) thinks
    88- He did nothing wrong. He's
    a) Suspect b) guilty c) innocent d) sensible
    89- If he doesn't get eight hours sleep every night, he really tired the next day.
    a) will feel b) feels c) would feel d) is feeling
    90- If I have any free rime tomorrow, for a walk in the park.
    a) I went b)I go c) I'd go d) I'll go
    91- The piano is our favourite musical
    a) tool b) instrument c) equipment d) device
    92- Her uncle can't remember his accident. The doctor thinks he may have...
    a) a headache b) phobia c) amnesia d) injury

    Practice Test 3
    93- Don't worry. I'm sure them again soon.
    a) you see b) you're seeing c) you'll see d) you're going to see
    94- Wanting friends is part of human
    a) nature b) conflict c) will d) life d)part
    95-They have just received this photo as an e-mail .
    a) post b) attachment c) letter d) phenomenon
    96-Lightning is a dangerous but natural
    a) sight b) response c) eclipse
    97- She didn't see her brother this morning. He the flat very early.
    a) must have left b) must have c) can't have left d) can't leave
    98- He left his glasses at school yesterday. I'm hoping someone
    found them.
    a) must have b) might have c) can't have d) can have
    99- The quickest way for Sawsan to get to school is to a train.
    a) go b) bring c) come d) take
    100- That plant has been so that it gets lots of light.
    a) explored b) raised c) positioned d) put
    101- Taha's mother asked him where ..
    a) he had been b) had he been c) has he been d) he has been
    102- She promised she .me as soon as the plane landed.
    a) will phone b) phoned c) would phone d) phones
    103- Is that someone on our door? I'll see who it is.
    a) hitting b) knocking c) smashing d) beating
    104- Their uncle is a scientist. He's research into new forms of energy.
    a) making b) taking c) getting d) doing
    105- If you earlier, you wouldn't have missed your train.
    a) had left b) leave c) would have left d) left
    106- you work harder, you'll fail your exam.
    a) If b) Unless c) When d) As
    107- I'm hot today. How about to the beach?
    a) gone b) going c) went d) go
    108- Accidents more frequently when the roads are busy.
    a) take part b) come in c) cause d) occur

    Practice Test 4
    109- You'll have to hurry. Your lesson in half an hour.
    a) is going to start b) starts c) will start d) start
    110- That tower is one of the town's most famous
    a) landmarks b) marks c) events d) products
    111- I'd like to get a job in the medical
    a) work b) career c) occupation d) profession
    112- I wish I where I left my jacket.
    a) know b) had known c) knew d) could know
    113- Heba wishes she all her money at the weekend.
    a) didn't spend b) doesn't spend c) hasn't spent d) hadn't spent
    114- My brother his ambition when he became a doctor.
    a) achieved b) won c) got d) made
    115- After the storm, there was a huge of water on the roads.
    a) floods b) number c) amount d) lot
    116- Sara felt ill all night because she too much the day before.
    a) had eaten b) was eating c) eats d) has eaten
    117- Hamdi was very tired yesterday evening because he for a
    school test all day.
    a) has revised b) had been revising c) revised d) revising
    118-1 really to very loud music in public places.
    a) disagree b) argue c) can't stand d) object
    119- Ahmed's friends didn't him when he returned from a year abroad. He looked so different. a) recognise b) remember c) see d) look
    120- iMy friend suggested for a picnic in the park-
    a) go b) to go c) going d) goes
    121- We're planning to Europe for our holiday next year.
    a) flying b) to fly c) fly d) to flying
    122- In some countries, people the end of the year on December 31st.
    a) enjoy b) celebrate c) have fun d) party
    123- In our town, there are musicians who play music.
    a) tradition b) national c) folk d) historical
    124- Whose . .. is it to make sure children arrive safely at school?
    a) responsible b) responsibility c) response d) respond

    Practice Test 5
    125- Five pounds .. .. a tot for a cup of coffee.
    a) are b) cost c) pay d) is
    126- In some countries, people use a passport instead of card.
    a) an identity b) a personal c) a national d) an individual
    127- Saved ... …….the train. He was at the station half an hour before the
    train left.
    a) can't miss b) can't have missed c) must have missed d) didn't miss
    128- My friend advised me to see a doctor. I wish I her advice now.
    a) took b) take c) had taken d) have taken
    129- Did they ever discover the of the fire?
    a) reason b) purpose c) explanation d) cause
    130- My sister promised me after school this afternoon.
    a) me Surprised meet c) met d) meet
    131 - I've just finish a novel the main character is an 80-year-old man.
    a) which b) in which c) who d) whose
    132- Have you heard? They've discovered a/an new treatment for flu.
    a) effective b) useless c) real d) cruel
    133- She . .sport as a very important part of her life.
    a) thinks b) believes c) regards d) looks
    134- On that he had passed his driving test, Taha was very happy.
    a) heard b) he heard c) to hear d) hearing
    135- There was great when our team won the football match.
    a) procession b) imprisonment c) excitement d) attachment
    136- He wasn't getting enough exercise, he joined a sports club.
    a) because b) although c) and d) so
    137- I've seen an interesting article on the internet which I have
    onto my computer.
    a) received b) done c) downloaded d) written
    138- By this time next week, the exam results will
    a) have been published b) have published c) publish d) be publishing
    139- I like that photograph on your computer
    a) glass b) screen c) film d) front
    140- Nader is really about all kinds of sport. He loves playing and
    watching it. a) interested b) active c) enthusiastic d) keen

    Practice Test 6
    141 - In some modern homes, water by energy from the sun.
    a) are heated b) heat c) is heated d) is heating
    142- My daily starts when my alarm clock goes off at 6.30.
    a) routine b) habit c) custom d) way
    143- There's water all over the floor. Someone to turn off the shower.
    a) must forget b) must have forgotten
    c) can't have forgotten d) can have forgotten
    144- Her parents have meetings with the teachers at her school.
    a) totally b) gradually c) slowly d) regularly
    145- My brother and I have just had a phone conversation we
    discussed our holiday plans.
    a) which b) in which c) what d) to which
    146- At the weekend, my aunt asked me what I since we last met.
    a) did b) was doing c) have done d) had been doing
    147- Teachers are always encouraging their students to be and hard working.
    a) conventional b) common c) confusing d) conscientious
    148- He wanted to know whether anyone the book he was reading.
    a) had seen b) has seen c) sees d) saw
    149- My sister hasn't finished her course yet. She's still
    a) a trainer b) an employee c) an employer d) a trainee
    150- The best writers force their readers about serious questions.
    a) to think b) thinking c) thought d) think
    151- A new supermarket in our town was opened by a well-known yesterday.
    a) celebrity b) famous c) character d) somebody
    152- I think someone may have today's newspaper by mistake.
    a) wasted b) thrown c) refused d) thrown away
    153- I really phone my parents to tell them I'm going to be late home today.
    a) need b) must c) can d) could
    154- At her first school, she to wear a blue uniform.
    a) had b) must c) could d) has
    155- He is thinking of on a Business Studies course at the local college.
    a) entering b) applying c) enrolling d) beginning
    156- Pupils don't have to pay for their books. The school them.
    a) Pays b) provides c) takes d) affords

    Find the mistake in each of the following sentences, then write it correctly:
    I've decided that I'm doing more exercise in future.
    It's a really good film. I'm sure you enjoy it.
    Thirty kilometres are a long way to walk in hot weather.
    Millions of cars produce by Japanese companies every year.
    In many countries, children take the right to go to school until the age of 16.
    Electricity is produced in energy stations.
    My father loves his job. He worked for the same company for 20 years.
    When I was younger, I use to want to be a pilot.
    If you kick the ball too hard, you break that window.
    The Mousetrap written by Agatha Christie.
    Travelling by plane sometimes makes me a headache.
    The street where I five is only three metres width.
    She has decided studying Geography when she goes to university.

    My sister suggestions go to the zoo at the weekend.
    Queen Victoria husband Albert died in 1861, lived until 1901.
    The town winch I was born is in the north east of the country.
    Mustafa was happy despite he came third in the race.
    On hear the good news. Eman phoned her parents.
    We won't be the results of the test until the day after tomorrow.
    Scientists believe that by 2020. a replacement for oil will have found.
    21-If only they write more quickly.
    22-1 wish there is something I could do to keep fit.
    She is very hungry when the rescue team found her. She had eaten nothing for nearly three days.
    It was midnight by the time he has finished his homework last night.
    My friend asked me if I had enjoyed reading the book she lent me.
    Parents often wants their children to not cross the road without looking.
    27-1 don't expect them arrive yet. They're often late.
    You can buying clothes in some supermarkets now.
    If you couldn't see what you want in a shop, you should ask an assistant.
    You must to remember to post the letter. It's very important.
    She's going meet her sister in town.
    32-1 fixed the lake m the petrol tank.
    33- How many time do I need to drive to the city centre?
    34- Oil and gas are find under the ground.
    Water is the solid form of ice.
    The married team went to Italy on their honeymoon.
    37-1 need to get fit. So I've made a decision. I do more exercise.
    The Prisoner of Zenda was wrote by Antony Hope.
    We moved to this house two years ago today, so we lived here for
    exactly two years.

    Before I entered the university, I had to show my credit card.
    If you heat water, it melts.
    Ra'fat El-Haggan and Goma'a El-Shawwan were very famous Egyptian kings.
    Let's try to find them. They can't have went very far.
    Teachers and supervisors belong to the teaching confession.
    He asked me if saw his newspaper.
    The statue of Ramsis II is a very important Ancient Egyptian magnet.
    47- People can waste lots of money by using the underground.
    48- The accident wouldn't happen if he hadn't been using his mobile phone.
    49-1 want to make some sandwiches. Have we got a bread?
    50- Soha shouldn't eat too many sweets because she is chronic.
    51-1 asked my mother whether had she seen my English book.
    Sylvia is on a low-fat diet because recently she's lost a lot of weight.
    She has always enjoyed to go to the theatre.
    Alfred Farag is a famous Egyptian playwrite.
    When I have nothing to do, I feel really boring.
    The person who's job is to clean the school is not here today. He's ill.
    When Umm Kulthoum died, thousands of people attended her wedding.
    You should reinvent paper, rather than throw it away.
    59- Some people believe that in the future, water will use as a fuel for cars.
    60- Despite he is 68, my grandfather is still working.
    61-1 wish I can read more quickly.
    She asked her friend weather she had finished her homework.
    My parents have invited one of my friends stay for the weekend.
    When Wagdy was five years old, he was sting by a scorpion.
    65-1 need to go to the university to buy some medicine.

    A civil servant is someone who works for the army.
    How much coffees have you drunk today?
    Do we have a rice left?
    How many money do you need for your holiday?
    The team usually plays very well.
    Twenty million people saw the new film already.
    My parents use to live in a small flat in the city centre.
    Yesterday evening, we revised for our English test when all the lights went out.
    74-1 attended this school for five years.
    Our school was opening exactly 25 years ago today.
    She played the piano since the age of six and she still plays everyday.
    If you leave now, you catch your train.
    Water will freeze if the temperature is zero or below.
    If you throw that stone, you break a window.
    80-1 get a headache if I spend to long the computer.

    If she trains hard, she wins next week's race.
    If you'll mix red and white, you get pink.
    83-1 wish the school holidays are longer.
    84- If only I haven't forgotten where I put my mobile phone.
    85- Leila wishes she could read faster.
    I'm really tired this morning. I wish I had sleep more last night.
    Ali wishes he can come to your party, but he's not feeling well.
    88-1 wish I didn't lent her my dictionary. She's taken it home with her.
    89- He hopes winning a prize for his school work.
    90-1 regret to go to the cinema. It was not a very good film.
    She offered taking me to the station in her car.
    We've just finished to watch a TV programme about Egyptian history.
    Ali is planning to spend all weekend revising for next week's maths test.
    Their teacher agreed helping them finding an English pen friend.


    Unit 1
    Choose the correct answer from a, b, c or d:
    1-In order to law what is wrong, the doctor must the patient.
    a) search c) examine d) think
    2-Modern technologies such as the mobile phone make easier.
    a) procedure b) opinion c) process d) communication
    3-The ride at the amusement park went down so fast that my body felt
    a) weightless c) disguised d) fascinating
    4-We on a hat car.
    a) professioBaly b) currently c) never d) once
    5-My Bister can easily do a spin, as she has been doing for years.
    a) side effects b) gymnastics c) football d) gravity
    6-One of the ……..on my bicycle wheel needs to be repaired,
    a) handles b)pedals c) chains d) spokes
    7-The rain was so heavy that the water wheel for three days.
    a) launched b) leaked c) spun d) washed
    8- is die force that keeps objects on earth.
    a) Gravity b) Gymnastics c) Spoke d) Gravy
    9- The doctor assured us that there would be no from the medicine.
    a) systems b) feeling c) side effects d) fashioning
    10-The fashion house is now some new winter dresses.
    a) launching b) lunching c) condemning d) coaching
    Unit 2
    11-The lawyer argued that his client's………… had been violated.
    a) wills c) side effects d) rights
    12- Soha is so excited: her mother was invited the Queen of Spain's coronation.
    a) to attend b) to extend c) to intend d) to offend
    13-…………Yes. I'm going. I am so glad to have another to hear Dr. Shaimaa speak.
    a) Coronation b) occasion c) occasional d) speech
    14- Ali is enjoying reading the English……………Right now he's reading Charles Dickens.
    a) doctors b) classics c) technologies d) modern dramas
    15- Sally argues her points well and backs them with evidence. She'd be very good at………
    a) signing b) conversation c) speaking d) debate
    16- Oh, I'm not ready yet. Could you wait a of minutes?
    a) couple b) few c) sum d) plenty
    17- If you like stories, you'd probably prefer
    a) fiction b) non-fiction c) fact d) action
    18- For me, reading is a form of in which I can forget what's going on around me.
    a) conversation b) non-fiction c) escapism d) fact
    19- Jimmy should run for parliament. He gets along with everyone and he likes
    a) politics b) economics c) mathematics d) classics
    20- My uncle is very , so he never has to worry about money.
    a) alike b) wealthy c) popular d) occasional

    Unit 3
    21-Wind is a type of energy.
    a) non-renewable b) atomic c) hydroelectric d) renewable
    22- Geothermal energy comes from heat the earth's surface.
    a) of the sun b) below c) above d) close to
    23- Lava is rock that comes from a volcano like Iceland's Eyjafjallajokull.
    a) hot b)cold c) molten d) melt down
    24- Egypt is hoping to build some nuclear to produce electricity.
    a) power stations b) power houses c) power places d) powder positions
    25- One of Egypt's main sources of revenue from fossil fuels.
    a) follows b) comes c) becomes d) deletes
    26- One concern of nuclear power stations is how to store the dangerous
    a) energy b) water c) hydroelectricity d) waste
    27- Huda is under a lot of because she has exams coming up.
    a) pressure b) power c) press d) pipe
    28- Many people travel by or on foot to save energy.
    a) car b) lorry c) taxi d) bicycle
    29-Air conditioning the environment.
    a) injures b) saves c) damages d) resolves
    30-Coal, oil, and gas are forms of energy.
    a) renewable b) sustainable c) non-renewable d) generated

    R A
    31- The in the pipe is caused by too much pressure.
    a) leak b) gravity c) launch d) escape
    32-We must make some adjustments in the communication before it can work properly.
    a) group b) mission c) gymnastics d) system
    33-Not many people study today, although many English words come from Latin and Greek.
    a) politics b) classic c) classics d)classicists
    34- Oil and gas are fossil
    a) energies b) power c) stations d)fuels
    35- Molten lava comes from under the
    a) power stations b) earth's surface c) stones d)geothermal energy
    36- Atomic energy is created by atoms.
    a) sitting b) spitting c) situating d)splitting
    37-The government needs to , the value of investing in renewable energy.
    a) interest b) examine c) observe d) secure
    38- Egypt has programs for the development of renewable energy.
    a) Currently b) Sometimes c) Silently d) Once in a while
    39-The sisters are more than you think.
    a) a like b) twins c) alike d) allot
    40- Please don't put any more on me. I have so much to do as it is.
    a) waste b) pressure c) launch d) expectation
    Unit 4
    41-The city has eight , each with a representative on the City Council
    a) distinctions b) disruptions c) districts d) disputes
    42- Hundreds of athletes from across the nation came to in the games.
    a) complete b) conflict c) compete d) delete
    43- It is the to greet someone when you meet them.
    a) routine b) custom c) prize d) customer
    44- Using a typewriter is Now we use computers.
    a) poetic b) vague c) ancient d) old-fashioned
    45- Dr Fathy has performed a new type of surgery. He is considered a(n)……. in his field.
    a) routine b) pioneer c) complication d) explorer
    46- This author uses long, complex sentences. That is her of writing.
    a) routine b) pen c) fashion d) style
    47- With his book The Country of Men, Hisham Matar has become a(n) ……… author.
    a) established b) literal c) eventual d) artistic
    48-The of vaccines to prevent diseases has helped to save many lives.
    a) styling b) development c) establishment d) custom
    49- When the requires you to follow a rule, you can receive a penalty if you disregard it.
    a) style b) law c) pioneer d) custom
    50- In eastern countries, it is to remove your shoes before you enter a home.
    a) legal b) pioneering c) routine d) customary

    Unit 5
    51-Please which one is yours.
    a) idealize b) identify c) irritate d) illegalize
    52- You'll find the company in the new business park down the road.
    a) headquarters b) traps c) quarts d) suspects
    53-Tommy and Tuppence Beresford are
    a) suspects b) secret agents c) soldiers d) solutions
    54- How can I send the signal if the is broken?
    a) trap b) poison c) prison d) transmitter
    55- A simple has a spring catch and can be baited with cheese.
    a) poison b) mousetrap c) spy d) science fiction
    56-When All was younger, he was not talkative because he was
    a) hot b) excavating c) spying d) shy
    57- After the accident I couldn't remember anything because I had
    a) invasion b) atom c) amnesia d) side effects
    58-There are many new discoveries from the around Luxor.
    a) excavations b) archeology c) travel agents d) headquarters
    59- The young man claimed he was and had not stolen the watch.
    a) poisonous b) suspect c) innocent d) murdering
    60- Sameh was on trial because he was of spying.
    a) suspected b) supposed c) transmitted d) invaded

    61-When I paint, I need to use to thin the paint.
    a) rubber b) toothpaste c) sap d) turpentine
    62- Rubber is made from the of a rubber tree.
    a) products b) rubber c) sap d) turpentine
    63- Please put those books in the study boxes.
    a) tube b) transmitter c) instrument d) cardboard
    64- If you leave bread out too long, it will
    a) freeze b) harden c) soften d) fasten
    65-The water formed after the stone fell in.
    a) rings b) barks c) tubes d) secrets
    66- Nowadays toothpaste comes in a that you squeeze from the bottom.
    a) ring b) transmitter c) product d) tube
    67-The on a tree protects it.
    a) ring b) tube c)bark d) branch
    68- A violin is one type of that is made from wood.
    a) instrument b) product c) tube d) branch
    69- There are many useful medical found in a hospital.
    a) headquarters b) saps c) cardboards d) instruments
    70- The nurse put the blood in to send it to the laboratory.
    a) rings b) cardboard c) tubes d) products
    Revision B
    71- Put some on a brush, and then clean your teeth for two full minutes.
    a) turpentine b) toothpaste c) rubber d) product
    72- The of a tree carry/carries food to all parts of the tree.
    a) roots b) bark c) branches d) sap
    73-A writes articles for newspapers.
    a) lawyer b) doctor c) politician d) journalist
    74-A politician studies
    a) science fiction b) non-fiction c) political science d) medicine
    75- Nobel Prize winner Ahmed Zewail is seen as a figure in chemistry.
    a) pioneering b) customary c) developing d) stylish
    76- After your examination, put your pencils on your desks.
    a) excavating b) developing c) completing d) publishing
    77- Yehia Haqqi had a unique writing , which is respected today.
    a) bark b) district c) pioneer d) style
    78- The of the bark beetle destroyed many trees.
    a) development b) invasion c) transmitter d) identity
    79- After the accident mother had , so she didn't remember who we were.
    a) suspect b) invention c) sap d) amnesia
    80- It is to offer your guests something to drink.
    a) customary b) secretive c)poisonous d) shy
    Unit 7
    81- The were stuck in the metro for three hours because of a power failure.
    a) diameters b) commuters c) regions d) cliffs
    82- Shaimaa' s skills got her a job with a well-known international company.
    a) raising b) massive c) commuting d) engineering
    83- On the farm we chickens.
    a) raise b) farm c) rise d) position
    84- Because Yasser had worked hard, he was to get the promotion.
    a) based b) carved c) positioned d) raised
    85- The statue rests on an engraved
    a) base b) stone c) ray d) cliff
    86- The of the pipe was 13 millimetres, perfect for the passage of the
    thick liquid.
    a) commuter b) diameter c) base d) mass
    87- The candlelight a small part of the room, leaving the rest in darkness.
    a) illuminated b) based c) excavated d) entered
    88- Don't get too close to the edge of the because you will fall very far.
    a) monument b) cliff c) bark d) stone
    89- The small statue in the museum was with a very fine instrument.
    a) based b) positioned c) carved d) equipped
    90-The wealthy man's :... increased his wealth.
    a) excavations b) commute c) investments d) missions
    91 - When Rana spilled paint on my new dress, I thought it would stain
    a) cowardly b) respectably c) permanently d) questionably
    92-1 have to that Donia was right.
    a) understand b) admit c) steal d) knock
    93- Dalia spent three days in hospital to after her accident.
    a) commit b) recuperate c) excavate d) profess
    94- Mr Hyde three times upon the door.
    a) regretted b) knocked c) professed d) drew
    95- Her was changed after the accident. She had scars and she was thinner.
    a) finishing b) appearance c) competition d) failure
    96- Scientists have long been disputing whether we have one or many.
    a) engineer b) colleague c) blackmail d) human nature
    97- Our in the science department disagree on the subject.
    a) involvements b) excavations c) personalities d) colleagues
    98- John left a to say who would receive what after his death.
    a) biography b) form c) will d) conscience
    99- The between the families went on long after the court battle was
    a) conflict b) appearance c) disaster d) human nature
    100- Two men have been accused of ....a parliament member.
    a) blackmailing b) appearing c) committing d) knocking
    Unit 9
    101- The soil could not all the rain, so there was a flood.
    a) occur b) commit c) frighten d) absorb
    102- You need to put sunscreen on your skin because of the ultraviolet rays.
    a) blind b) sunny c) harmless d) harmful
    103- Tonight there is going to be an of the moon.
    a) excavation b) elevator c) eclipse d) ellipse
    104- There are two types of that come from the sun.
    a) ultraviolet rays b) headquarters c) personalities d) sights
    105- occurs when there is too little rain.
    a) Lightning b) Rainfall c) Drought d) Flood
    106- The part of the country has more severe weather.
    a) yellow b) southern c) leaf-like d) innocent
    107- The child was struck by yet survived.
    a) lightning b) balls c) rainfall d) thunder
    108- is the opposite of southern.
    a) Eastern b) Western c) Northern d) South
    109- What do you think the statue to fall?
    a) demolished b) infected c) caused d) divided
    110- Snow in Cairo would be considered an unusual
    a) drought b) rainfall c) biography d) phenomenon
    Revision C
    111-Be careful when you dive off …………….Know what is in the water below.
    a) bases b) carvings c) cliffs d) sights
    112-After the car accident, I couldn't……………my arms above my head for several months.
    a) Illuminate b) excavate c) raise d)rise
    113-Soha is studying to become an…………… banker.
    a) illuminating b) engineering c) irresponsible d) investment
    114-Tunneling under the English Channel was a/an…………………engineering achievement.
    a) failing b) explanatory c) monumental d) respectable
    115-We don't know what…………….the machine to fail.
    a) absorbed b) caused c) occurred d) knocked
    116-Drought occurs when there is too little…
    a) rainfall b) lightning c) diameter d) investment
    117-The ship will never sail again. It is…….. disabled.
    a) hopefully b) permanently c) harmfully d) slowly
    118-I hate to…………, but Mona is smarter than me.
    a) knock b) position c) admit d) cause
    119-I know Dina is alawyer because she has many clients.
    a) respected b) careless c) permanent d) questionable
    120- I don't have a lot of time to stay, but I will make an………….at the party.
    a) investment b) admission c) appearance d) inquiry
    Unit 10
    121-A virus is……… the eye and can only be seen with a powerful microscope.
    a) invisible b) obscure c) regular d) gradual
    122-There is a……….tumor on her lung that needs to be removed immediately.
    a) cancer b) theoretical c) constant d) cancerous
    123-The…………….is believable, but can it be proven?
    a) theory b) cancer c) specialty d) diabetes
    124-Chemistry is very difficult for me, but I am…………understanding it better.
    a) regularly b) specially c) gradually d) invisibly
    125-It is a complex……………… generate electricity from nuclear energy.
    a) process b) cure c) amount d) theory
    126-Dr Eman……………….in children's medicine.
    a) releases b) considers c) specialises d) results
    127-You need a certain…… of sunshine to get enough vitamin D.
    a) theory b) process c) invisible d) amount
    128-Watch this film to understand the…………of photosynthesis, how a plant makes food.
    a) release b) achievement c) process d) gain
    129-The………………..Man is a famous novel and film about a man who could not
    be seen by anyone.
    a) Incredible b) Diabetic c) Invisible d) Invincible
    130-If you have………….. , you must not eat too much sugar.
    a) cancer b) diabetes c) result d) experiments
    Unit 11
    131- The students to the plan to extend school hours until 4 pm.
    a) reject b) inject c) object d) subject
    132- Do we put people in prison because we want ……or because we hope to reform them?
    a) revenge b) envy c) victim d) fiancee
    133- The newspaper has a photo of a man with amnesia after a car accident.
    The police are asking if anyone…………. him.
    a) accuses b) objects c) revenges d) recognises
    134- I…………….. ! This plan cannot go forward as it is.
    a) accuse b) release c) avoid d) object
    135- When Hatem was visiting Barcelona, he became the of a robbery.
    a) result b) victim c) fiancee d) treason
    136- Ehab was wrongly of cheating during an exam.
    a) accused b) released c) recognised d) changed
    137- When there is a legal system, has no place in society.
    a) concern b) review c) revenge d) a victim
    138- The two people were accused of and were imprisoned for life.
    a) greed b) treason c) revenge d) fiancee
    139- Farid gave his new a big diamond ring.
    a) fiancee b) colleague c) victim d) genius
    140- Hanan was so of Farida's new dress that she went out and bought herself one.
    a) concerned b) envious c) victimized d) cold
    Unit 12
    141-Do you want to Hany's birthday on a felluca?
    a) vary b) revive c) celebrate d) join
    142-Put the ball in the right to make it easy to hit.
    a) fireworks b) mark c) drum d) position
    143-There were marching bands and politicians in the
    a) position b) procession c) landmark d) stop
    144-It is your to clean your room and be home on time.
    a) distinction b) event c) folk d) responsibility
    145-Music has quite a bit since the 1950s, from Elvis to Eminem.
    a) evolved b) enjoyed c) eclipsed d) solved
    146-The tickets to the were sold out three days after going on sale.
    a) plan b) suggestion c) offer d) event
    147-The quality of these crops from year to year depending on the rain.
    a) varies b) evolves c) prefers d) stops
    148-Amr's voice has a sound. You can recognise it anywhere.
    a) eventful b) involved c) distinctive d) evolving
    149-The were beautiful, but the loud noise scared some of the children.
    a) celebrations b) landmarks c) fireworks d) drums
    150-The Roman amphitheatre in Alexandria is a famous
    a) landmark b) position c) mark d) event

    Revision D
    151-Scientists hope to find a ......... for cancer some day.
    a) result b) cure c) theory d) release
    152-There are concerns about genetically modified grains being ......... into the wild.
    a) celebrated b) recognised c) accused d) released
    153-The ......... lit up the sky on Revolution Day.
    a) fireworks b) landmarks c) folks d) cures
    154- Germs are to the naked eye.
    a) released b) historical c) lecturer d) invisible
    155- The people to the judge's ruling. They thought it was wrong.
    a) released b) recognised c) objected d) accused
    156- The man looked at the floor while he was in the courtroom.
    a) revengeful b) victimized c) invisible d) accused
    157- The spy was sentenced to death for his crime of
    a) treason b) folk c) envy d) victim
    158- Soha's mood with the weather. Some days she's happier than
    a) evolves b) varies c) releases d) specialises
    159- This hospital in care for cancer patients.
    a) results b) cures c) releases d) specialises
    160- The improvement in her grades shows her progress.
    a) theoretical b) achieving c) gradual d) invisible
    161- Father put Belal in of fixing the car.
    a) role b) licence c) responsibility d) charge
    162- Salma thought this was a gift for her teacher.
    a) suitable b) effective c) charge d) solo
    163- Hesham has just got his driving , and already he wants to buy a car.
    a) flight b) role c) licence d) degree
    164- Rania is optimistic. She always has a attitude and thinks
    everything will turn out well.
    a) impressive b) personal c) encouraging d) positive
    165- Mr Selim is an manager because he is a good listener.
    a) observing b) effective c) admissions d) enjoyable
    166- Mr Maged all his students to do the best that they can do.
    a) argues for b) effects c) encourages d) impresses
    167- Farouk is flying for the first time tomorrow. He'll have no co-pilot.
    a) role b) suits c) licence d) solo
    168- For my own satisfaction, I paint or read in my spare time.
    a) positive b) personal c) degree d) role
    169- Omar has received a master's in conservation management.
    a) effect b) flight c) degree d) licence
    170- Yusuf s ability to speak French and German is very Many companies will
    want to hire him. a) impressive b) personal c) suitable d) solo
    Unit 14
    171- Because they are , Selim and Ahmed went to Tanzania to climb Mount Kilimanjaro.
    a) solo b) effective c) adventurous d) spontaneous
    172- Khadijah wanted to know what was in the box, but Mother told her she would have to wait until her birthday to
    a) bully b) lead c) find out d) look out
    173- Walid likes to do his at the ATM or online.
    a) books b) banking c) research d) finance
    174- Saleh tried to his way into the house, but the police were called.
    a) fasten b) mix c) stop d) bully
    175- Before there was TV, traditional entertained people.
    a) funerals b) storytellers c) bankers d) bullies
    176- This writer is so that her words are quoted everywhere.
    a) missed b) influential c) stuck d) personal
    177- When little children get too much , they can't sleep or even sit quietly.
    a) excitement b) influence c) lifestyle d) regard
    178- The wedding was very The bride wore a long white dress, and the groom wore a suit. a) spontaneous b) influential c) adventurous d) conventional
    179- Leila has a quiet She almost never goes out after work.
    a) funeral b) lifestyle c) adventure d) flight
    180- Everyone at Uncle Sami's wore black, and most of them were crying.
    a) funeral b) convention c) party d) banking
    Unit 15
    181- With Mariam's new e-book reader, she can now books.
    a) download b) write c) promise d) admit
    182- If you like to shop online, this website has many new and used books
    a) found b) authored c) available d) written
    183- contain a lot of information about many things.
    a) Newspapers b) Encyclopaedias c) Dictionaries d) Thesauruses
    184- We try to paper, plastic and batteries to help our environment.
    a) include b) mix c) reserve d) recycle
    185- To paint a large area of the wall quickly, try using a paint
    a) brush b) roller c) instrument d) utensil
    186- Yasmeen was so fluent that the words just off her tongue.
    a) missed b) mixed c) stuck d) rolled
    187- Use on your white clothes to get tough stains out.
    a) soap b) bleach c) a scraper d) a roller
    188- We usually beans overnight to soften before we cook them.
    a) mix b) soak c) recycle d) roll
    189- Kareem is an reader. He reads all the time.
    a) enthusiastic b) soaking c) faulty d) criminal
    190- Rehan has a lot of as well as hardbacks in her library at home.
    a) recyclables b) mixtures c) paperbacks d) screens
    Revision E
    191- What's the temperature today? I think it's supposed to be 38 ..Celsius.
    a) banks b) licences c) roles d) degrees
    192- The customs officer the bags at the border.
    a) inspected b) involved c) encouraged d) argued for
    193- The lawyer for a reduction in the sentence of his client.
    a) bullied b) argued c) encouraged d) charged
    194- There are several for children at the public library.
    a) bankers b) storytellers c) bullies d) degrees
    195- Good deeds can others to do good deeds.
    a) argue for b) stop c) encourage d) regard
    196- Smile. Nothing can beat the power of thinking.
    a) bullied b) positive c) personal d) inspecting
    197- With six accident victims, the feeling at the hospital was
    a) spontaneous b) like a lifestyle c) conventional d) like a funeral
    198- Robinson Crusoe is by many people as the first novel in English.
    a) conventional b) regarded c) spontaneous d) excited
    199- In the US, after you complete your nursing degree, you still have to take an exam from the state to get your
    a) licence b) press c) flight d) role
    200- Mariam seems to know everything. Her knowledge is
    a) personal b) solo c) influential d)
    Unit 16
    201- Kareem's room is always so neat with a place for everything, because he's
    a) fluent b) conscientious c) sociable d) well organised
    202- It's an employment crisis when you have 6,000 for only 300 jobs.
    a) establishments b) applicants c) concerns d) skills
    203- The 21st century challenge for any country is to have a....labour force,
    a) happy b) skilled c) trainee d) fluent
    204- The general manager asked me to oversee the company's new
    a) skills b) fluency c) trainees d) achievements
    205-Every………………..has a stand or a shop that sells beans and falafel.
    a) CV b) trainer c) module d) neighbourhood
    206-Each applicant must provide an up-to-date……..showing their work history and education.
    a) CV b) module c) pharmacy d) ambition
    207-The company hired Basma because she was knowledgeable, organized and……….
    a) conscientious b) soaking c) fancy d) applied
    208-Nowadays teamwork is important to a company, so it helps to be…………….
    a) skillful b) fluent c) ambitious d) sociable
    209-Our local……………... sells sweets and makeup as well as medicines.
    a) pharmacy b) CV c) applicant d) establishment
    210-Fathy couldn't find work so he became an….....repairman in our neighbourhood. There's
    nothing he can't fix. a) evolved b) established c) environmental d) applied
    Unit 17
    211- There are many singers who aren't well known but who have more talent than…..
    a) force b) publicity c) celebrities d) drums
    212- There has been a lot of about the new film: newspaper and magazine stories, TV and radio advertisements, and even toys at fast food restaurants.
    a) depression b) greed c) celebrity d) publicity
    213- When Salwa turned 16, her grandmother gave her a string of
    a) pearls b) correspondent c) concerns d) publicity
    214- Hany doesn't like loud noises since he became a war for the news.
    a) correspondent b) publicity c) celebrity d) force
    215- Jealousy and make us want more money or power than we need.
    a) pearls b) greed c) publicity d) caves
    216- Grandma saves everything because she lived through the Great
    She knows what it is like to be poor.
    a) Cause b) Celebrity c) Civil Servant d) Depression
    217- People who work in government offices are because they work for us.
    a) divers b) civil servants c) scorpions d) celebrities
    218- Don't things when they can be recycled.
    a) force b) achieve c) organise d) throw away
    219- A poison may not kill you, but it could make you sick.
    a) correspondent's b) scorpion's c) diver's d) cave's
    220- A strong storm the fishermen to sail home.
    a) threw away b) stung c) treated d) forced
    221- The thieves found a small in the forest where they could hide their stolen goods.
    a) pearl b) correspondent c) cave d) merchant
    Unit 18
    222- Lamia is only 16, but she is She behaves like an adult.
    a) ambitious b) mature c) retrained d) similar
    223- Dalia said that this book is difficult to read but it is I'll learn a lot about life from it.
    a) qualified b) similar c) unkind d) worthwhile
    224- You can tell they are identical twins. Even their likes and dislikes are …….
    a) ambitious b) similar c) worthwhile d) mature
    225- The newly unemployed will need some to go back into the job market.
    a) retraining b) maturing c) thinking d) rewarding
    226- Hany's family is celebrating his mom's to director.
    a) department b) quality c) employee d) promotion
    227- The shop assistant said we'd find the bicycle parts in the athletics
    a) reward b) department c) promotion d) provision
    228- Rehan's father has her for oud classes.
    a) enrolled b) qualified c) promoted d) retrained
    229- By winning the race, Hannah for the Olympics.
    a) rewarded b) retrained c) qualified d) matured
    230- We all want to find careers that pay well and provide satisfaction.
    a) employable b) rewarding c) quality d) mature
    231- Fady is the person. He understands the field, has experience, and would be an inspiring team leader. a) retrained b) similar c) ideal d) believable
    Revision F
    232- Her overly plan is going to cost us time and money.
    a) achieved b) conscientious c) established d) ambitious
    233- This job requires someone with good communication who can speak and write fluently in Arabic and English. a) skills b) ideals c) publicity d) achievement
    234- The local has fewer medicines available than the central one in the city centre.
    a) department b) region c) CV d) pharmacy
    235- students do better than many of their classmates.
    a) Similar b) Neighbouring c) Well-organised d) Sociable
    236- The Great was a period of economic crisis that lasted for 12 years.
    a) Depression b) Publicity c) Correspondent d) Force
    237- Many Europeans take their holiday in Sinai because it has some of the greatest….. in the world. a) retraining b) diving c) corresponding d) greed
    238- Hani has plenty of money, but he is and is always trying to make more, even if it hurts other people. A) conscientious b) greedy c) qualified d) mature
    239- Don’t those papers. They’re very important documents.
    a) discover b) retrain c) throw away d) _nroll
    240- On our first day, we were with a list of books to buy.
    a) depressed b) provided c) promoted d) enrolled
    241- You should ask Dr Galal about that. I am not to answer that question.
    a) qualified b) retrained c) greedy d) publicly
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    Unit 1

    1) Choose the correct answer from a, b, c or d:
    1- The weather report says it cloudy all day.
    a) will be b) going to be c) is d) is being
    2- After seeing some of the competition, Leila thinks she the bronze medal.
    a) will win b) wins c) is winning d) will be won
    3- The twins seventeen next week.
    a) turning b) is going to turn c) turns d) will turn
    4- If you like. I the salad.
    a) am making b) will make c) makes d) am going to make
    5- Salma and Sarah have made plans. They tomorrow.
    a) are going skating b) are skate c) will skate d) do skate
    6- We've arranged everything. We Hussein up at nine.
    a) picks b) picking c) will pick d) are picking
    7- Samy can't help you tonight. He on a science project.
    a) won't be working b) is working c) worked d) works
    8- Fine. You set the table, and I the bread.
    a) am cutting b) cut c) will cut d) am cutting
    2) Find the mistake in each of the following sentences, then write it correctly:
    1- Can you wait until 6.00 because I had lessons until then?
    2- I can't meet you on Tuesday because I be travelling that day.
    3- Look! I buy that beautiful kitten for Yunus for his birthday.
    4- Ask Sawsan because I think she probably knew the answer.
    5- My flight tomorrow will be at 9.58 am.
    6- I think Mother will finishes reading her novel tonight.
    7- Sorry, I can't come because I played tennis with Yehia tomorrow.
    8- George's family take him out tomorrow to celebrate his new job.
    Unit 2
    1) Choose the correct answer from a, b, c or d:
    1- If you are riding a bicycle, fifty kilometres not such a long way.
    a) are b) is c) were d) was
    2- Can you count how grains of sand are on a beach?
    a) much b) many c) some d) any
    3-One of the team members…….. usually very aggressive.
    a) are b) be c) were
    4- water has gone under this old bridge.
    a) Many b) Plenty c) Lots
    5- There is plenty of meat, but there is not bread.
    a) plenty b) many c) much d)alot
    6- I'm sorry. I haven't change.
    a) any b) many c) plenty d) a
    7- Six people injured in a bus accident yesterday.
    a) are b) was c) were d) is
    8- We have two litres of milk that enough for today?
    a) Are b) Was c) Is d) Were
    9- Maths my favourite subject when I was in school.
    a) was b) were c) is d) are
    10-The police arrested three suspects.
    a) is b) have c) are d) has
    2) Find the mistake in each of the following sentences, then write it correctly:
    1- Politics were his favourite subject in university.
    2- The police is having a meeting to discuss safety measures.
    3- The good news are that Fatma had twin baby girls.
    4- We have some cake, but we don't have many coffee.
    5- Were they any problems with the mission?
    6- I haven't many patience with this sort of thing, but Sawsan has.
    7- Lots of people wants to spend their summer at the beach.
    8- Gymnastics refresh me more than playing tennis.
    Unit 3
    1) Choose the correct answer from a, b, c or d:
    1- Energy in many ways.
    a) are produced b)is produced c) producing d) produced
    2- Wind turbines to change wind energy to electric energy.
    a) used b) are used c) is using d) is used
    3- Fossil fuels from animals and plants that lived millions of years ago.
    a) come b) comes c) are coming d) were coming
    4- types of machines can generate energy.
    a) Much b) Any c) Many d) No one
    5- Electricity by power stations.
    a) is generates b) is generated c) is generating d) is generate
    6- There are power stations all over Egypt which electricity.
    a) generates bt generated c) generating d) generate
    7- Hydroelectric power harnesses the power of flowing water with use of dams
    a) a b)an c) the d) some
    8- For geothermal energy, water to the surface.
    a) pumps b) is pumping c) pumped d) is pumped
    9- The film only to the newcomers.
    a) shows b) is showing c) was shown
    10-Isn't it lovely! Hannah it for me.
    a) designed b) is designing c) designs d) shown
    2) Find the mistake in each of the following sentences, then write it correctly:
    1- How many diamonds is set in the necklace?
    2- That costs far too many money for me.
    3- Hany would be liked to go to the park with us.
    4- We can produced electricity by spitting atoms.
    5- The party was enjoy by all.
    6- The blades are drive by the wind.
    7- How much forms of energy are renewable?
    8- Steam from geothermal energy has been pipe all through Icelandic
    towns and villages.
    Revision A
    1) Choose the correct answer from a, b, c or d:
    1- Choose this one. I think that colour good on you.
    a) is looking b) will look c) looked d) are looking
    2- Did you just see that? The car by a monkey!
    a) was being driven b) was being driver
    c) will be driven d) are been driven
    3- Road safety can if people just slow down.
    a) has been b) improved c) be improved d) be improving
    4- The captain's hat off by the helicopter.
    a) was been blown b) blew c) blows d) was blown
    5- The police for more money to buy new equipment. ,
    a) are asking b) is asking c) are asked d) is asked
    6- The team's plane next Tuesday at 6.05.
    a) is going be b) was arriving c) arrives d) arrive
    7- Some day people all of the ocean bottom in submarines.
    a) are exploring b) will explore c) explores d) going to explore
    8- There has been talk about how we can reduce our waste.
    a) many b) any c) none d) much
    9- The monuments of Philae to preserve our ancient heritage.
    a) were moved b) was moved c) moved d) is moved
    10-1 my husband for lunch tomorrow at the new restaurant.
    a) meets b) 'm meeting c) meeting d) will meet
    2) Find the mistake in each of the following sentences, then write it correctly:
    1- There are a millions of grains of sand on the beach.
    2- How much ice cubes do I put into each glass?
    3- The whipping cream was ruining by the extreme heat.
    4- I just had an idea. After we finish our lessons, we are gone for ice cream.
    5- At a cafe, people usually chooses the coffee over the tea.
    6- Fifteen minutes seem like a long time, but an hour seems like forever.
    7- Are a kilo of iron equal to a kilo of feathers? Of course, they are both a kilo.
    8- Their constant debating of politics bore me.

    Unit 4
    1) Choose the correct answer from a, b, c or d:

    1 - His style of painting over the years.
    a) have changed b) changing c) is changed d) has changed
    2- While he was working as clerk for a judge, he himself as a great legal writer.
    a) establishes b) established c) establishing d) has established
    3 - Zeinab' s biographical accounts of her life by her brother Ahmed.
    a) were written b) was written c) wrote d) had been written
    4- Those old stories are still by many children today.
    a)loved b)loving c) being loved d)love
    5- As far as Hany concerned, that team hasn't a chance of winning.
    a) Were b) been c) is d) was
    6- Fawzy already read some of Yehia Haqqi's writing before learning about him in class.
    a) have b) had c) is d) was
    7 - Many of die questions for the speaker before he arrived.
    a) had prepared b) have prepared c) was preparing d) been preparing
    8- What………. . doing when the lights went out last night?
    a) was b) had been c) have d) were
    9- The children …………. tails to their donkey pictures then hung them up.
    a) are b) have attached c) attached d) had attached
    10- Fatma ….. her own room since they moved to the new house in Sheikh Zaid.
    a) is having
    Find the mistakes of the following sentences, then write it correctly:
    1- Yesterday, my brother giving me a new soccer ball for my birthday.
    2- Soha who is now university had written poetry since primary school.
    3- Eventually, you will had to give up your playful ways and get to work.
    4- This novel was writing by Yehia Haqqi.

    5- While Youssef was waiting for the bus, it starts to rain.
    6- Before he took the medicine, he feels very ill.
    7- One Thousand and One Nights has retold many times and on many continents.
    8-The plumber tells us not to turn on the water until the leak has been fixed.

    1) Choose the correct answer from a, b, c or d:
    1- The Postman, by Yehia Haqqi, first prize in 1968.
    a) awarded b) was awarded c) was awarding d) is being awarded
    2- Yehia Haqqi is as one of Egypt's great literary figures.
    a) remembering b) being remembered c) remembers d) remembered
    His is the result of his amnesia.
    a) shyly b) shyness c) shying d) shies
    Don't touch that! It has in it.
    a) poisonous b) poisoning c) poison d) poisoned
    We cannot here because of the flooding.
    a) excavating b) be excavated c) to excavate d) excavate
    In the film, the killer left a trail of death.
    a) murderer b) murdering c) murderous d) murders
    7- Mrs Smith... .of committing the murder, but I know that she is innocent,
    a) is suspected b) has suspected c) is suspecting d) suspected
    8- The ring while she was washing the dishes.
    a) was lost b) lost c) is lost d) was losing
    9- Before the rabbit , it had eaten half the carrots in the garden.
    a) was caught b) had caught c) was being caught d) caught
    10- When we were small, every day Sally by Mother to serve the tea.
    a) is chosen b) was chosen c) chose d) choose
    2) Find the mistake in each of the following sentences, then write it correctly:
    1- Musa was wrongly called a crime when he punched the man for hitting a dog.
    2- We looked at a lot of houses, but we couldn't identity the one we saw before.
    3- Before he become a writer, he had worked as a lawyer.
    4- Some of these children knows the difference between right and wrong.
    5- Hamlet is a classic that was wrote by William Shakespeare.
    6- The famous glass pyramid at the Louvre Museum is designed by I.M. Pei in the 1980s.
    7- How did the lawyer manage to prove George's innocent?
    8- Half of the pets had gone missing before I was assign the duty to take care of them.

    Unit 6
    1) Choose the correct answer from a, b, c or d:
    1- If we plant trees, then we cleaner air.
    a) will be having b) have c) will have d) will has
    2- It that trees protect us from global warming.
    a) is believed b) was believing c) had believed d) believes
    3-When I work a lot in the garden, I no energy at night.
    a) had b) have c)has d) will have
    4- When molten glass cools, it
    a) is hardened b) hardened c) hardens d) will harden
    5- If a tree becomes weak, it its leaves.
    a) lost b) is losing c) has lost d) loses
    6- If it freezes tonight, we heaters out around the orange trees.
    a) places b) place c) are placing d) will place
    7- We should care about our trees they protect us from global warming.
    a) even though b) although c) when d) because
    8- If ice melts, you water.
    6- Getting those tickets might have been easy because they have been sold out for weeks.
    7-Nadine mightn't have left because her coat is still here.
    8- The monuments of Abu Simbel must been difficult to move here because they are massive.
    1) Choose the correct answer from a, b, c, or d:
    1- Sami asked. "What do you mean, Sarah?" Sami asked Sarah what she....
    a) was meaning b) means c) meant d) is meaning
    2- "I'm going out." announced Bassam. Bassam announced he……… out.
    a) went b) has gone c) was going d) is going
    3- "Tomorrow I'll see Hany," Gamal said. Gamal said he would see Hany…….
    a) yesterday b) the following day c) again d) today
    4- "Sawsan won't even consider it," reported Selim. Selim reported that Sawsan…… even consider it.
    a) will b) wouldn't c) isn't d) doesn't
    5- Tasneem asked, "What are you doing?" Tasneem asked doing.
    a) what am I b) what was I c) what I was d) what I am
    6- Fouad inquired, "Has Hadeer eaten dinner?" Fouad inquired if Hadeer……… dinner.
    a) has eaten b) ate c) had eaten d) had
    1- "This year we're going to Dubai," said Jenna. Jenna said they …….to Dubai that year.
    a) were going b) have been going c) is going d) went
    8- She understood the question because she got it wrong.
    a) Shouldn’t have b) can't have c) wouldn't have d) won't have
    9- The biologist said, "These fish swim upstream in the autumn." The
    biologist said these fish…………… upstream in the autumn.
    a) swim b) swam c) swum d) are swimming
    10- Mariam told us, "Many elephants are killed each year by illegal hunters."
    Mariam told us that many elephants………. each year by illegal hunters.
    a) killed b) have been killed c) was killed d) are killed
    2) Find the mistake in each of the following sentences, then write it correctly:
    1- On Tuesday Rashed said he will not have enough money.
    2- Khadijah said she had finished the job the before day.
    3- Nehad asked, "They are leaving at ten o'clock."
    4- I asked him what was he doing at nine o'clock tonight.
    5- I asked her what was she reading.
    6- Ten minutes ago, Nourhan told me you have left.
    7- Leila can't have answered the phone because it has stopped ringing.
    8- Father asked mother when would dinner be ready.
    Unit 9
    1) Choose the correct answer from a, b, c or d:
    1- A paper towel with several layers can more liquid than a towel with one layer.
    a) absorb b) absorbing c) absorption d) absorbency
    2- If LGD had served pizza, I there.
    a) will eat b) will have eaten c) would have eaten d) ate
    3- If you are in a rain forest, you rain almost every day.
    a) would see b) see c) have seen d) saw
    4- If I had taken the time to do it correctly, it out better.
    a) would had come b) would come
    c) would have came d) would have come
    5- If you ride the bus to Dahab, it seven hours to get there.
    a) would take b) took c) would have taken d) will take
    6- The test been very difficult. You got an A.
    a) can't have b) could have c) might have d) must have
    7- When Hazem returned from the desert, he said it a terrible night there.
    a) is b) will be c) had been d) is going to be
    8- If you stay up all night tonight, you all day.
    a) will sleep b) slept c) will have slept d) sleep
    9- When Sami stays in Tanta, he in a hotel.
    a) will have slept b) sleeps c) would sleep d) will sleep
    10-If I were you, I more time studying.
    a) would spend b) spent c) am spending d) would have spent
    2) Find the mistake in each of the following sentences, then write it correctly:
    1 - If you hadn't stopped that day, I would never met you.
    2- If the moon goes between the earth and the sun, there is an eclipse.
    3- When Zeinab finished her homework, she usually reads a book.
    4- I asked her how long she had be waiting.
    5- If Hisham had walked all the way, he would been there by now.
    6- If it had rained more, we not have had a drought.
    7- If I get sick, I would not go to school.
    8- If Suzy had be a better speller, she would have won first place.

    Revision c
    Choose the correct word from a. b. c or d:
    1-If I………… you. I would close that door to save energy.
    a) was b)were c) had been d) have been
    2-The doctor said if I had been more careful, I………. surgery
    a) had been b) had never required c) wouldn't have d) never required
    3-Youssef asked if ……………. thirty pounds that day.
    a) Could he b) he could borrow c) he can d) had he borrowed
    4-The biologist said the body………………… new blood each year
    a) was produced b )produce c )produces d) has produced
    5-I’m not sure where he is. It’s possible that Tarek went to fix his car.
    a) Tarek must have gone to fix his car . b) Tarek has gone to fix his car.
    b) Tarek might have gone to fix his car. c) Tarek can’t have gone to fix his car.
    6-Jehan asked, “What were you doing all day?"

    a) Jehan asked me what was I doing all day.
    b) Jehan asked me what I bad been doing all day.
    c) Jehan asked BK what did I do all day.
    d) Jehan asked OK what bad I done all day.
    Hatem the dog because she doesn't seem hungry.
    a) must have fed b) bad fed c) can't have fed d) mightn't have fed
    8- She caught her bus because she would have been here by now.
    a) Can’t have b) might have c) could have d) must have
    9-If you…....all night, you will be exhausted at the time of the test.
    a)are studying b)study c) studied d) have studied
    10-1 would live in Marina if I…….. a million pounds.
    a) have b) am having c) had d) has

    2) Find the mistakes in each of the following sentences, then write it correctly:
    1- If I start now. I will finishing in one hour.
    2- If you hadn't sent me that text saying not to come, I would been there already.
    3- She said the insect bit the child several times.
    4- Many said he will be there the next day.
    5- Sarah asked me if I was mailed the letter the previous day.
    6- Mahmoud and I love electrical storms when they occurrence at night.
    7- When the Yellow River flooded in 1887, a million people were killing.
    8- Zeinab asked Sara what was she doing with the green notebook.
    1) Choose the correct answer from a, b, c or d:
    1- We have several about how this disease spreads, but we need to do more studies.
    a) theoretician b) theorize c) theoretical d) theories
    2-Her have gone beyond our expectations.
    a) achieving b) achieve c) achievements d) achieves
    3-Sami didn't work hard in school and now he ………….. he had studied more.
    a) wishes b) wished c) wishing d) wish
    4- Jenna wishes she play the guitar like him.
    a) must b) could c) might d) can
    5- Amina wishes she had another course.
    a) choose b) chose c) chosen d) chooses
    6- Ramy wishes he where he put the fifty pounds he misplaced.
    a) knowing b) known c) knows d) knew
    7- If the children all day, they would have been asleep by now.
    a) were playing b) had played c) played d) play
    8- If Bassem the office, it would be a disaster.
    a) ran b)run c) had run d)runs
    9- Salma wants to come but she is ill and has to stay at home. She wishes she…… with us.
    a) could have b) could be c) could been d) could have been
    10- Salma regrets that she was ill yesterday and had to stay at home. She wishes she……with us.
    2) Find the mistake in each of the following sentences, then write it correctly:
    1- Nevine wish she could finance her daughter's new business.
    2- If she called, I would have picked her up.
    3- If it rains tonight, we would go to the mall instead of the park.
    4- Leila wishes she had went with us to the lecture.
    5- We never could have imagined Omar's fine achievings.
    6- We wish we haven't missed the eight o'clock train.
    7- If wishes were horses, then beggars would ride.
    8- I wish I can paint better.
    Unit 11
    1) Choose the correct answer from a, b, c or d:
    1 - Fouad Hassan is the director of our local bank.
    a) finances b) finance c) financial d) financier
    2- The man’s…….... sat in the third row of the courtroom.
    a)Accusation b)accuser c) accusatory d) accused
    3- After Salma…… the market, she made a delicious meal for us all.
    a)has gooe b)goes c) go d) had gone
    4- A group of us …………the film already, so we didn't want to see it again.
    a) sees b) had seen c) have seen d) were seeing
    5-How many times……………to the north coast before you bought a chalet there?
    a)are you been b) have you been c) had you been d) were you
    6- We recently learned that Samia ……………… as a secret agent for years.
    a)has acted b)is acted c)acted d)had been acted
    Hany…………to Turkey last year.
    a)had gone b)went c)has been d)has gone
    8- Before the the firework went off. We…..sitting in the square
    a)had b)have been c)had been d)are
    9-While we were waiting ,Dawud ……….on the result of his exam.
    a)checks b)checked c)is checking d)had checked
    10-The girl were going to a restaurant after they ……….some shopping.
    a)had done b)were doing c)did d)have done
    2) Find the mistake in each of the following sentences, then write it correctly:
    1-Mona admitted that she has finished the chocolate before Mother came home.
    2- If I was you. I'd avoid that altogether.
    3- Before having dinner with my family, I picks up a gift for my mother.
    4- After the meeting, we returning to our offices to finish our work.
    5- After we had had dinner, we have eaten Hany's chocolate cake.
    6- Sherif never heard of her before he met her.
    7- This is not the point to which Seif objective.
    8- I haven't thought of that before Ahmed mentioned it.
    Unit 12
    1) Choose the correct answer from a, b, c or d:
    1- Tamer and I agreed seven pounds each.
    a) paying b) pay c) to pay d) was paying
    2- Selim is so funny. He stopped television because he said it was rotting his brain.
    a) to watch b) is watching c) watch d) watching
    3- Hesham Likes a nap in the afternoon.
    a) to take b) is taking c) took d) taken
    4- The school arranged a new charity this year.
    a) supported b) supporter c) to support d) supporting
    5- Kareem finished .. .. his dinner at 6.30.
    a) to have eaten b) to eat c) eating d) eaten
    6- Arnina admitted not how to open the door.
    a) to be known b) knowing c) to know d) known
    7- Ali prefers to Dahab.
    a) to have flown b) to fly c) is flying d) flew
    8- Hany and his sister practise tennis every day after school.
    a) playing b) to play c) played d) play
    9- I regret you that Nabil will not be joining the team. I know you wanted him with us.
    a) telling b) to tell c) have told d) am telling
    10- Nehad regrets her mother on her birthday. She should have done it.
    a) not phone b) not phoned c) not phoning d) not to phone

    2) Find the mistake in each of the following sentences, then write it correctly:
    1- Does Samia want come to the mall with us?
    2- Khadijah recommended to read the book Three Cups of Tea.
    3- Rehan enjoys to visit foreign countries because she gets to see so many new things.
    4- I don't need a ride because I prefer I walk home.
    5- Leila is planning visiting her sister in Aswan this summer.
    6- The company offered paying the travel expenses for each of the employees.
    7- Sam expected his sister coming home early from school since there was a half day.
    8- Since her mother liked going to the opera, Leila hoped buying tickets for next week's show.
    Revision D
    1) Choose the correct answer from a, b, c or d:
    1-When I walked by the shop again, the green dress sold.
    a) have been b) is c) being d) had been
    2- Can you return this book to the library? I reading it.
    a) was just finished b) have just finished
    c) just have finished d) had just finished
    3- Hany wishes he could the spelling contest last week.
    a) have won b) be winning c) won d) had won
    4- When we go to the Chinese restaurant, I want something different.
    a) have tried b) to try c) try d) trying
    5- I hate to wash the floor. It's so much work.
    a) was having b) have c) having d) had
    6- Shereen forgot eggs at the supermarket when she was there
    a) bought b) buying c) having to buy d) to buy
    7- After Dumas had become a famous playwright, he The Count of Monte Cristo.
    a) was writing b) had written c) wrote d) to write
    8- When the doctor arrived at the house, it was too late. The patient
    a) had died b) dying c) is dying d) died
    9- Hany wishes he where his car keys were.
    a) is knowing b) have known c) knows d) knew
    10-The new graduates hoped jobs soon.
    a) getting b) have gotten c) to get d) to have gotten

    2) Find the mistake in each of the following sentences, then write it correctly:

    1- The girls wish I had bake a cake instead of biscuits.
    2- The company agreed to paying back the money to the dissatisfied customer.
    3- Salma wishes she were taller because she would like to been a basketball player.
    4- Yesterday, I met a man who has travelled to Russia years ago.
    5- Oh no, I forgot to stopping by Hazem's house to pick up those papers.
    6- Mother offered taking Suzy home with us, but she refused.
    7- Father remembers to receive his grandfather's watch when he was a teenager.
    8- Father suggested to go to Alexandria for the weekend.

    Unit 13
    1) Choose the correct answer from a, b, c or d:
    1- Jailan, lives on my street, said there was a problem with the water.
    a) whom b) who c) which d) whose
    2- Selim asked my mobile phone for the evening.
    a) to borrow b) borrowing c) for borrowing d) borrowed
    3- These are the fields we grow corn.
    a) in which b) for which c) that d) at which
    4- Hans, car I borrowed last night, is from Holland.
    a) whom b) whose c) who d) that
    5- Five of the girls, names I don't remember, won awards in maths.
    a) those b) which c) whom d) whose
    6- The brother lives in Moscow is coming home on Friday.
    a) whom b) where c) that d) whose
    7- Moscow, the smog from wildfires was thick, was having air quality problems.
    a) where b) who c) that d) which
    8- The meetings I attended today were long and boring.
    a) to which b) where c) in where d) which
    9- I have no idea was at the door.
    a) who b) which c) where d) that
    10- The restaurant Fady is having dinner has a great salad bar.
    a) for which b) which c) where d) that

    2) Find the mistake in each of the following sentences, then write it correctly:

    1- Yasser argues at better salaries for teachers.
    2- Miss Mona inspires all her students to working hard.
    3- Her work, that was not appreciated when she was young, made her famous when she was older.
    4- Dr Aisha, who work took up much of her time, was a professor of Arabic.
    5- These are the stories with whose we were brought up.
    6- Cairo University is the university in where Eman studies medicine.
    7- Rehan wanted us coming to her birthday party on Saturday.
    8- Florence Nightingale, which changed the way hospital care was given, opened a school of nursing.

    Unit 14
    1) Choose the correct answer from a, b, c or d:

    1- his poor behaviour, Bassem is a really sweet boy.
    a) While b) Despite c) Although d)But
    2- visiting Rome, Aisha broke her camera.
    a) Because b) Despite c) While d) Although
    3- Mona had many challenges to overcome, she worked very hard to achieve her goals.
    a) Although b) Despite c) So d) Before
    4- I always brush my teeth going to bed.
    a) before b) after c) while d) when
    5- Rolex watches are costly they are made with expensive materials.
    a) but b) when c) because d) although
    6- Yara is short, her perfect posture makes her appear tall.
    a) before b) while c) despite d)but
    7- Enas couldn't find her crystal earrings, she asked her sister to look in the car.
    a) because b) but c) so d) after
    8- leaving his home town, he founded a company and became well known.
    a) Although b) Because c) While d) After
    9- losing her arm in a car accident, Heba was always positive.
    a) Despite b) Because c) Although d) While
    10- on vacation, I met my future fiancee.
    a) After b) While c) Although d) Despite

    2) Find the mistake in each of the following sentences, then write it correctly:

    1- Although her low grades, Ghada did well on her project and passed.
    2- The traffic jam was ten kilometres long, while we decided to take another road.
    3- Dr. Ghali, who clinic is down the street, is a cancer specialist.
    4- Can you tell me which the bookshop is?
    5- Hany's shop has a good meat selection, although Farid's has fabulous baked goods.
    6- Tarek was having a great time despite we were waiting for him.
    7- He was often punished although he bullied the other children.
    8- Although he was a student at Oxford, he joined the debating club.

    Unit 15
    1) Choose the correct answer from a, b, c or d:

    1- Scientists say that by 2020, the glaciers in Montana
    a) are melting b) will have melted c) melt d) have melted
    2- Environmentalists hope that in the next ten years more electricity
    by alternative energies.
    a) will be produced b) has been produced
    c) produced d) is being produced
    3- By the time your children are in university, will physical books by e-books?
    a) have replacing b) have replaced
    c) replaced d) have been replaced
    4- By 2100, many of our jobs over by robots.
    a) will be taken b) will have taken d) have been taken c) will have been taken
    5- What changes by 2060?
    a) will be making c) will make b)will have been made d) will have been making
    6-What changes over the next 50 years?
    a) will be made b) made c) have been made d) will make
    7- Marwa entered university in 2010. By 2014, she her studies.
    a) has completed b) will have completed
    c) did complete d) completed
    8- Marwa entered university in 2010. By 2014, her studies
    a) will have completed b) will complete
    c) will be completing d) will have been completed
    9- Many people hope that petrol so much in the future
    a) will not have been used b) has not been used
    c) will not be used d) is not used
    10-It's nine o'clock now. By two o'clock three meetings in our company.
    a) will be holding b) will have held c) will have been held d) held
    11- By 2020 the International Space Station in orbit for 22 years.
    a) will keep b) will be kept
    c) will have been kept d) will have been keeping
    12- Scientists are concerned whether enough food in the future for so many people.
    a) will be produced b) is produced
    c) will have produced d) was produced

    2) Find the mistake in each of the following sentences, then write it correctly:

    1- By the time Dad gets home, the children will have being fed.
    2- All the police cars will have been wash by noon today.
    3- By 2016, the bridge will has been completed.
    4- By tomorrow morning, the book will has been bought by 30,000 people.
    5- The game will delayed if it rains this evening.
    6- Over the next twenty years, 4 million Go-Go Pops will have been sold.
    7- For hundreds of years, an enormous quantity of paper have been used to produce books.
    8- By next year, the old museum will has been replaced by a new one.

    Revision D
    1) Choose the correct answer from a, b, c or d:

    1- This is the place Many broke his leg last year.
    a) whom b) who c) which d) where
    2- By 2020, the ICDL certificate by hundreds of millions.
    a) earned b) will have been earned
    c) have earned d) will have earned
    3- you go to the supermarket, buy some tea, please. There's no hurry.
    a) Whoever b) Wherever c) Whatever d) Whenever
    4- we were eating our breakfast, the phone rang.
    a) Although b) But c) While d) So
    5- Despite too much work, Othman still made time for his daughter.
    a) had had b) he had c) to have d) having
    6- This is the letter was returned unopened.
    a) who b) that c) where d) how
    7-By the end of this month, 500,000 meals in this restaurant since its opening.
    8- Maher is a good basketball player he is short.
    a) because b) despite c) so d) although
    9- The town I grew up in had only 2,400 residents.
    a) where b) who c) which d) when
    10- Basma had never met Doaa before, she felt as if she had known her all her life.
    a) Despite b) Although c) While d) When

    2) Find the mistake in each of the following sentences, then write it correctly:

    1- After trying on shoes, you should always wear socks.
    2- Although he worked hard, he became a leader in his field.
    3- Susan highly recommends the book Middlesex, who won the Pulitzer Prize in 2003.
    4- By this time tomorrow, the suspect's photo will have being distributed to all the newspapers.
    5- So it was unusual for women to study at university, Marie Curie did so.
    6- Farida, who father was recently imprisoned, has been very unhappy.
    7- Before Dawud took the stomach medicine, he felt better.
    8- Kareem was in a car accident who nearly cost him his life.

    Unit 16
    1) Choose the correct answer from a, b, c or d:

    1- Hany was in Mansoura for one week. Seham asked him what he there.
    a) does b) doing c) has been doing d) had been doing
    2- Mrs Osama asked me if my parents where I was.
    a) knows b) knew c) had known d) know
    3- By tomorrow afternoon, I all my exams.
    a) will have finished b) have finished c) will be finishing d) finishes
    4- Hassan wondered where the keys
    a) put b) are putting c) were put d) are put
    5- I didn't complete my homework yesterday. Today, Miss Eman asked why I……. it.
    a) have completed b) completed
    c) wasn't completing d) hadn't completed
    6- "Are you planning to see Hamlet at the Shakespeare Festival next week?"
    Rana asked if we……. to see Hamlet at the Shakespeare Festival next week.
    a) have been planning b) have planned c) were planning d) plans
    7- "Why do you want to study abroad?" Yasser asked me why I to study abroad.
    a) wants b) have wanted c) wanting d) wanted
    8- By tomorrow afternoon, I 1500 kilometers.
    a) will have travelled b) travel c) am travelling d) travelled
    9- "Hany, do you prefer ice cream or cake?" Grandpa asked Hany if he ice cream or cake.
    a) is preferring b) had preferred c) preferred d) has preferred
    10- "Who did you see over the summer holiday?"Mai asked me who I…. over the summer holiday. a) sees b) had seen c) seen d) have

    2) Find the mistake in each of the following sentences, then write it correctly:

    1- Hany and his brother wanted to know if we play squash yesterday.
    2- Nourhan and Salma asked their mothers if they have had mobile phones when they were young.
    3- By 2100, petrol-run cars will be drive only by the very wealthy.
    4- By 2100, petrol-run cars have become old-fashioned.
    5- Gamal asked if we was going to the cinema today.
    6- Othman asked if his brother has gone to work today.
    7- Farid asked me which countries I visited.
    8- The cakes will had been delivered to all the customers by the end of the day.
    9- Reda asked if I travelled all over Europe on my bicycle

    Unit 17
    1) Choose the correct answer from a, b, c or d:

    1 - I expect to come to dinner.
    a) she b) they c) him d) we
    2- Before they travelled, the headmaster the students to watch their bags in the airport.
    a) telling b) have told c) told d) tells
    3- Mother .. .. the children to brush their teeth before bed.
    a) telling b) said to c) said d) told
    4-Rehan asked to have dessert at her house.
    a) me b) myself c) I d) mine
    5-When does Tarek us to do this?
    a) is wanting b) wanted c) wants d) want
    6- How much are we to dig out of the garden for the new trees?
    a) expects b) expected c) expect d) have expected
    7- Soha admitted a lie when she was first asked.
    a) telling b) to tell c) had told d) was telling
    8- Our parents encouraged us hard at everything we do.
    a) worked b) works c) working d) to work
    9- The lifeguard instructed people not near the rocks.
    a) having swum b) to swim c) swam d) swimming
    10- He suggested closer to the beach.
    a) to swim b) swimming c) had swum d) swam

    2) Find the mistake in each of the following sentences, then write it correctly:

    1- The flooding forced us remain inside the house.
    2- While chasing the thieves, the policeman managed to avoid to hit the bicyclist.
    3- Every year my husband and I invite my students having dinner with us.
    4- The neighbour sternly warned the children not to waking up her baby.
    5- The woman asked us give her dog a bone.
    6- She asked us to not climb over her fence.
    7- The baby enjoyed to play in the water.
    8- Mr. Hazem asked my why I wants to work for his company.

    Unit 18
    1) Choose the correct answer from a, b, c or d:

    1- We go to Al-Azhar Park tomorrow. We haven't decided yet.
    a) might b) have to c) should d) must
    2- we have eggs or beans for breakfast tomorrow? You choose.
    a) Should b) Might c) Need d) Could
    3- We be sensitive to and respectful of people's differences.
    a) might b) need c) could d) should
    4- you make that noise? It really is annoying.
    a) Can b) Could c)Must d) Might
    5- Mum said we go out for ice cream after dinner.
    a) have b) need c) could d) must
    6- Penguins and emus are birds that fly.
    a) could not b) cannot c) may not d) should not
    7- Karima and Hany go shopping yesterday because the shops were all closed.
    a) shouldn't b) can't c) couldn't d) mightn't
    8- Do you wear those shoes to work? Are they part of the dress code?
    a) have to b) must c) should d) could
    9- Yasmeen be careful with what she eats because she has diabetes.
    a) would b) needs to c) should d) could
    10- Youssef and Hani be home by eight. That's a family rule.
    a) has to b) could c) can d) have to

    2) Find the mistake in each of the following sentences, then write it correctly:

    1- If you need help with your mathematics, you should to ask your uncle Hany for help.
    2- Aisha, must you watch Tamer for a few hours while I go shopping?
    3- I'm your father and I'm telling you. You mightn't study with the television and the radio on.
    4- Farid might to work harder to perform better on his exams.
    5- At the weekend, Omar found a great shop where he might buy inexpensive shoes.
    6- Heba is going to Mai's house although she has to help Mai with her homework.
    7- Musa was warned not entering the old building because it is dangerous.
    8- We stayed later than we planned because Dalia said we might try her cake.

    Revision F
    Choose the correct answer from a, b, c or d:

    Nihal asked Tasneem what she since her return from Fez.
    a) had been doing b) does c) did d) will be doing
    Malek wanted to know where the workers the electronic equipment.
    a) were stored b) stores c) have stored d) had stored
    3- Hesham asked if I thirty-five pounds he could borrow.
    a) had had b) have c) had d) am having
    4- Mother invited all the neighbours in the building my 21st birthday.
    a) have celebrated b) to celebrate c) celebrating d) celebrate
    5 - Leila's mother called and her to return home.
    a) said b) told c) saying to d) told to
    6- Fathy suggested we all him at his farm in Sharqia.
    a) to visit b) visiting c) visit d) visited
    7 - Tamer asked three pizzas for the party.
    a) his brother to buy b) to his brother to buy
    c) his brother bought d) to his brother bought
    8- Sit down, young man. We to have a talk about your low scores!
    a) could b) should c) might d) have
    9- Don't forget that Nevine to take her medicine at seven pm. It's important that she take it on time. a) must b) needs c) should d) can
    10-We find the address, so we went to a cafe for some refreshment.
    a) shouldn't b) mustn't c) couldn't d) hadn't

    2) Find the mistake in each of the following sentences, then write it correctly:

    1- The captain ordered the soldiers dig some holes.
    2- Fishing forces you relaxing.
    3- "Hamburgers is a waste of money and not very healthy," said mom.
    4- I advise to you take the train because it's cheaper.
    5- Heba asked if Yusuf driven a car or a motorcycle.
    6- The coast guard warned the swimmers getting out of the water after a shark was seen.
    7- Reem should have gone home because I can't find her anywhere.
    8- Rehan might not play tennis because no one has shown her how.

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