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    Final Revision: Situations all

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    Final Revision: Situations all

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    السؤال الأول في ورقة الامتحان
    يتكون السؤال الأول من أربع أجزاء مطلوب منك الرد على أربع مواقف حياتية مختلفة مبنية على الوظائف اللغوية المقررة هذا العام فى كتاب الطالب وكتاب الورك بوك ومخصص لهذا السؤال أربع درجات
    1- Respond to each of the following situations:
    1- Your friend bought a new DVD last week. You want to know if he or she has watched it. What do you say?
    2- You are at an interview for university. The interviewer asks you what
    qualities you think are important to be a successful student. What do you reply
    3- A friend asks you what you think makes a good teacher. What is your opinion?
    4- You want to know the price of your friend's new car.
    5- You would like to ask someone about the subjects they are studying at school. What do you say?
    6- Someone asks you which city is the capital of Britain. What do you reply?
    7- You want to ask a person the reason why they like English best.
    8- It is the end of your interview. You would like to thank the person for answering your questions.
    9- Your sister wants to cook the family meal this evening, but can't decide what to make. Give advice.
    10- Your friend asks for your advice about where to go on holiday. What do you reply?
    11 - Advise a friend who wants to take a younger brother out for the day but can't decide where to go.
    12- A friend asks your advice about the best way to keep fit. What do you reply?
    13- You want to know your friend's opinion of the DVD you bought. What do you say?
    14- You and a group of friends are discussing what makes a good friend. One of the group asks what you think. What do you reply?
    15- You are at home. You want to turn on the TV to watch a film. What do you say?
    16- You and a group of friends are discussing what you need to do to be a successful sportsman. It is your turn to express your opinion. What do you say?
    17- You want to ask someone which subject they like best.
    18- Someone asks you how long the River Nile is. What do you answer?
    19- A tourist asks you which the second largest city in Egypt is. What do you say?
    20- Your younger brother or sister asks you how old the Pyramids at Giza are. What do you answer?
    21- A friend says he or she wants to do an individual sport to keep fit. Give advice.
    22- A friend asks how he or she should choose a new leader for their sports team. What do you say?
    23- A friend asks you what language they speak in Australia. What do you answer?
    24- Your teacher asks you, "How far is it from Cairo to London?" You guess the answer.
    25- You meet a visitor to your country at the airport. You want to make him or her feel at home. What do you say?
    26- A person you do not know arrives at your school. Ask if you can help them.
    27- You meet a friend who you have not seen for a long time. What do you say?
    28- In class, you see a school friend who has been away for several weeks. What do you say?
    29- You are interviewing an older person about their education. What do you ask?
    30- You want to know when someone bagan their first job. What do you ask?
    31- You are interviewing one of your grandparents for a school project. You want to know what his or her life was like when he or she was young. What do you ask?
    32- You want to know if your grandfather did anything when he was not working.
    33- Someone suggests going to the shops this afternoon. You agree to go.
    What do you say?
    34- A school friend suggests going to the beach tomorrow. You don't want to go to the beach, but you would like to play chess. What do you say?
    35- You would like to go on a family trip to Alexandria. Make this suggestion to your father.
    36- You and your brother or sister are discussing what to buy your mother for her birthday. Suggest an idea to your brother or sister.
    37- One of your friends eats food with too much fat in it. What do you say to him or her?
    38- A friend who has been ill asks for advice about food. Suggest fruit.
    39- One of your friends says he is always tired. You think he needs more exercise.
    40- A friend of yours has poor teeth. Tell her to drink milk regularly.
    41- You see a friend reading a book. Ask your friend what the book is called and who wrote it.
    42- A friend asks if you enjoy reading. Say that you do and recommend him something to read.
    43- Your friend asks why you would recommend a certain story to read. Give a reason.
    44- You have just bought a new CD by your favourite singer. Recommend it to a friend.
    45- You want to know where your friend would really like to live. What is your question?
    46- Your friend asks you whether your dream house would be modem or traditional. What do you answer?
    47- You want to know what type of home your friend would choose. What do you ask?
    48- Your friend wants to know where your dream house would be. What do you answer?
    49- You have just read a magazine story. You understand the story, but you are not sure what its real subject is. What do you say?
    50- Your class has read a short story. You are not sure what it shows. What do you ask your teacher?
    51 - Your friend asks what the film you have just seen together is really about.
    You think it's about helping people. What do you say?
    52- You have to phone a friend's mother and tell her that her child is ill. What do you say?
    53- A friend tells you about "King Solomon's Mines." Say that you did not know the book before last week.
    54- You are making the family meal. You would like some help from your sister. What do you say?
    55- You have missed school because you were ill. You would like some help from your teacher. What do you say?
    56- A friend asks if you can help him or her with a computer problem. You
    are happy to help, but you want to know what the problem is. What do you say?
    57- A friend is trying to persuade you to visit a place you have never heard of.
    You'd like more information about this place. What do you say?
    58- You are trying to persuade a foreign friend to visit an interesting place which is off the beaten track. You think your friend will regret it if he or she doesn't go. What do you say?
    59- A travel agent is trying to persuade you to go to a newly discovered tourist site. You want to know why this place is better than another. What do you ask?
    60- You have met a foreign tourist who does not know your town. You think he or she would like this place even though it is off the beaten track. What do you say to persuade him or her?
    61- Your train leaves in five minutes. It takes at least four minutes to get to the station.
    62" Your friend offers to go to the dentist with you, but you tell her not to worry, you can go on your own.
    63- You don't have any tea left. Explain why you are going to the shops.
    64- You arc at your friend's house. Your parents have told you to be home at five o'clock. Your friend asks if you want to stay until eight o'clock.
    65- You have just agreed to see a film at the cinema with two friends. You are quite happy, but you did not choose the film. What do you say?
    66- You and three friends have just decided which film to see at the cinema. You are happy that the decision has been made. What do you say?
    67- You chose a holiday to Spain, but your friends all chose Italy, which was cheaper. You think their idea is probably better. What do you say?
    68- You have just seen the film of a book you like. You did not enjoy the film as much as the book. A friend asks you what you thought of the film.
    69- Someone asks you to compare books and films. You don't think it's possible to compare the two. Films are much more exciting for you. What do you say?
    70- A friend asks your opinion about a film director he or she likes. You don't agree with your friend.
    71- You want to know what your friend likes about the director's films. What do you say?
    72- You are doing a project on public transport. You want to find out information from a friend. What do you ask?
    73- Some friends ask if they can interview you to find out your opinion on the environment. You are happy about this. What do you say?
    74- You are doing a project on your local environment. You want some information from an important person in your town. What formal question do you ask?
    75- Someone asks if they can interview you. Unfortunately, you have too much to do. What do you say?
    76- A friend asks you why you enjoy reading newspapers.
    77- A friend asks you a question you would prefer not to answer,
    78- You want to know a friend's opinion of a book you have both read.
    79- You want to know which subject your uncle enjoyed most when he was a student.
    80- You want to know a friend's opinion of a tennis match you both went to.
    81- Someone asks for your advice. They want to know what you would do to keep fit.
    82- A friend asks you what you know about Omar Samra.
    83- Someone asks your opinion about what makes a successful swimmer. .
    84- You are sitting on a bus and the person next to you starts to smoke.
    85- Someone asks your opinion about what makes a good team player.
    86- You have just been introduced to Mrs. Brown, a person you have not met before.
    87- You've just met a friend who you haven't seen for a year. You want to
    know about your friend's activities since you last met.
    88- Your pen friend has just arrived. You meet him or her at the airport. What do you say?
    89- You have just read a new magazine for young people. Recommend it to a friend-
    90- Your friend tells you the magazine is good, but you want to make sure.
    91- You want to tell a friend not to cat too much fat.
    92- A friend wants to know what your dream job would be and why.
    93- You are standing in a queue and someone steps in front of you without permission. Comment politely.
    94- You are looking for a magazine you have lost. Ask a friend about it.
    95- Your cousin suggests spending the weekend at Abu Kir. Politely refuse, giving a reason.
    96- Someone asks your opinion about good holiday weather.
    97" A friend thinks that travelling by plane is dangerous. Express your opinion.
    98- You are going to interview someone you don't know. What do you say?
    99- Someone stops you in the street and wants to ask you questions about when and where your family goes shopping. You do not have time to answer any questions.
    100- You offer to lend your friend a dictionary. What do you say?

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