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    Find the mistakes

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    1] 1- The people in Tahrir square asked the president to sit down.
    2-I wish I would be in Tahrir square so as to help the people there.
    3-My brother took place in the demonstrations.
    4- When we arrived home, we saw that our lights have been left on.
    5- Hazim is the faster runner in our school.
    6- Diamond necklaces are cheap pieces of jewellery.
    2] 1-If the film hadn’t been funny, I wouldn't laugh.
    2-Omar was youngest child in his family.
    3-When we arrived home, we saw that our lights have been left on
    4-When a volcano disappears, it sends dust into the atmosphere.
    5- people at homes were worried the days when the police was absent.
    6-The question was so difficult to understand. The answer was very obvious.
    3] 1 This car factory does parts for cars and buses.
    2 Have you ever meet a famous person?
    3 When you pay with money, you pay in credit.
    4 I don’t like meat. I prefers to eat fish.
    5 Something that contains new and interesting ideas is traditional.
    6 The children of our children are called our grandparents.
    4] 1- Ali is the faster runner in our school.
    2- I’d like to be the doctor when I’m older.
    3- Mona works like a hostess in Cairo airlines.
    4- Egypt, Greece and Italy are all on a Mediterranean Sea.
    5- My father was a sailor in the army.
    6- The children in Lord of the Flies were kind to each other.
    5] 1- Voice president Omar Soliman announced that the president stepped down.
    2-the millions of people in Tahrir square proved to the whole world that we are civilization.
    3- the internet played an important road side by side with demonstrators.
    4-How long are you been learning English?
    5-What is the more enjoyable thing about learning English?
    6-In the past, Egyptian children didn’t used to learn English until they were 11 or 12 .
    6] 1-You must to eat lots of fresh fruits because they’re very good for you.
    2- When I was born, my parents have been living in their flat for three years.
    3- You say it’s very expensive to live in the city, and I don’t agree.
    4- People describe today’s world as a local economy.
    5-Diamond necklaces are cheap pieces of jewellery.
    6- People who come third in a race win a gold medal.
    7] 1- If the film hadn’t been funny, I wouldn’t laugh.
    2- I enjoy history, but I’m not so keen in geography.
    3-My wireless convention stopped suddenly yesterday.
    4-the new government is doing its best to restart our money from foreign countries.
    5- The train’s pilot asked for my train ticket.
    6- Two farmers ran out of the ambulance and carried my sick friend into the hospital.
    8] 1-You needn’t take things that don’t belong to you.
    2- Today, almost any information you need must be found on the internet.
    3- When we arrived home, we saw that our lights have been left on.
    4- The martyrs parents should be honour.
    5- Ice at the Antarctic and the Arctic is freezing because of global warming.
    6- Michael Crichton wrote a book about phonetic engineering.
    9] 1- The university which my uncle works is in Cairo.
    2- When you pay money you pay in credit.
    3- Asia is the biggest country in the world.
    4-the demonstrations united with the army.
    5-the army forces protected the demonstrators.
    6-all the defends of the people in Tahrir were justified.
    10] 1- from the revolution we understood that modern tax is so useful.
    1- Wael Gonim is the symbolize of the revolution.
    2- thanks for our youth that we and our sons got rid of corruption.
    4- I hope I find myself a flat that’s not too cheap so that I can afford it.
    5-Asia is the biggest country in the world.
    6- We couldn’t get into the car because our keys were opened inside.
    11] 1- now that the demonstrators achieved their goals , we should stop starving.
    1- I asked my friend to teach me how to look on the face book.
    3- My father’s lost glasses was found in the garden.
    4- We will keep out of oil in twenty years.
    5-Some police officers are examined for shooting the demonstrators.
    6-Egypt is now in bad need of faithless men to rebuild it.

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