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    Thoughts (A spiritual moment)

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    Thoughts (A spiritual moment)

    مُساهمة  Mr. Mag في الخميس أبريل 15, 2010 12:09 pm

    A Spiritual Moment

    Loads of tears of the colorful spring.

    But not out of fears I wish I could picture myself and find

    Feelings of safety became sure a place for this photo in my mind

    Only now, I got the cure.

    I want to say, hug me more so when I see wonderful jewelries in a cave.

    But I really want to cry more I should remember and be brave to seek

    This is the best way to clean my soul only one thing.

    Is it a spiritual moment from every single action

    That will last forever? Your generous satisfaction

    Or is it just a moment Thank you for every joy and pain

    When I shiver? I will always say,

    I don't want to let it pass Please let me reach this moment again.Or like the marvelous flowers That is for which I will pray

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