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    Funny questions & facts

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    Funny questions & facts

    I) Deciphering Statues: Have you noticed statues of great warriors riding on horses in your local park or while on a vacation? The way they are arranged says a lot about their personal history. How?

    a) If the front legs of the horse are up in the air this signifies that the rider perished in battle.

    b) If only one of the front legs of the horse are up in the air this signifies that the rider perished because he was fatally wounded in battle.

    c) And finally, if all the legs of the horse are firmly situated in the ground this signifies that the rider died naturally and not in battle or as a result of a battle.

    II) The Mystery of Numbers: 111,111,111 x 111,111,111 =3D 12,345,678,987,654,321

    III) Life-Saving Inventions: Did you know that women were the sole inventors of the following life-saving objects: fire escapes, bullet proof vests, laser printers and windshield wipers.

    IV) Sweet: While all other kinds of food rot after sometime, honey is the sole food that never rots or spoils.

    V) Tongue: How many times have you stuck your tongue out at a friend in jest or as a joke? Did you know that crocodiles cannot do that?

    VI) Rip Van Vinkle: Did you know that snails can do a Rip Van Vinkle for the enormously long period of three years?

    VII) Bears From Antarctica: Had you an idea that all polar bears are not right handed but left handed?

    VIII) Sense of Taste: Human beings use their tongue to taste. We all know that. But what do butterflies use? They do not have a tongue. They use their feet!

    IX) Jumping and Jumping: Did you know that out of all the animals in the animal kingdom, there is only one that cannot jump? And that is the elephant. In fact, thank heavens they cannot.

    X) Pets: Once, humans domesticated bogs, some cats and some parrots. But did you know that in the last four thousand years, not even one new animal was added to this roster?

    XI) Arachnophobia: So small yet so fearful, that is the spider. Research has added up the calculation that men and women have a larger fear of spiders than they have of dying.

    XII) New Words: Writers are the inventors of language just like scientists are the inventors of science. And one of the greatest inventors of the English language was Shakespeare. Words such as bump and assassination can be credited to him.

    XIII) Typing: Ever thought about what is the longest word you can type onto your computer screen by using only one hand or more preciously the left one? That unique word is stewardesses.

    XIV) Drunk: Wondered what would happen to an ant if they ever get drunk? They will always tumble to their right.

    XV) Electrical Teeth: Once, not so long ago, before the lethal injection was invented, people were executed by using an electric chair. Do you know who invented that? A dentist.

    XVI) Going the Distance: We have all heard about low and high blood pressure, but do you know what that means in lay terms? What it does is that the pump in the heart is so strong that it can squirt blood to a distance as long as thirty feet if you make a hole in it.

    XVII) Reproduction: One of the world record holders for reproduction speed is the small animal called rat. Did you know that they do it so quickly that two rats can reproduce over a million others in less than eighteen months?

    XVIII) Bacterial Infection: Do you like to listen to music using headphones? Know then that just a single hour means that you have multiplied by seven hundred the bacteria in your ear.

    XIX) Have a light? One of the most amazing things I came across was the knowledge the even before the match, the basis of a cigarette lighter came into being.

    XX) Fish on Lips: Did you know that its most likely that the lipstick you use has some fish scales in them?

    XXI) Uniqueness: The police use fingerprints to catch crooks, but why not use a persons tongue print? Did you know that each one has a completely different tongue print?


    I hope you enjoyed this portion of 21 answers to questions you never asked and that each one will be used by you to lighten up the atmosphere at a party of social gathering.

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